Boatshed Restaurant in South Perth


The Boatshed Restaurant

The Boatshed is one of Perth’s showcase restaurants, famous for fine food and the spectacular views over the Swan River and city skyline.

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Wedding photos on the jetty at dusk

With its sweeping waterfront views and the dazzling views of Perth city skyline at night it has become a popular with tourists and as a wedding reception destination for couples who have a large group of international or interstate guests.

The restaurant features service oriented staff and modern menus.

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The Rolls Royce Cloud at a Boatshed Restaurant wedding

Weddings at the Boatshed Restaurant

We have assisted with large and small wedding at the Boatshed Restaurant. The management section off parts of the restaurant to cater for intimate family only wedding parties, although Saturday nights are probably reserved for full house wedding ceremonies. The staff are friendly and professional and couples leaving the venue with a end of night get-away are always thrilled with the venue.

With access to the Swan River waterfront and Coode Street Jetty the venue boasts some of the best late afternoon picture opportunities for couples arriving to their reception.

The image below of the Belle Classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud limousine dropping off at the South Perth location.

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The Rolls Royce Cloud at an evening drop-off at the Boatshed Restaurant

Wedding car and limo access

Parking at the end of Coode Street is plentiful for evening receptions and access for wedding cars and limousines is possible to the entry of the restaurant. There is no drive through at the entry so multiple vehicles will need to drive into the entrance and back out one after the other. Chauffeurs of Chrysler limousines may choose to back in to the entrance on arrival, if this is not the entry you are expecting because you have organised your photographers or videographers to capture your arrival make sure you communicate this effectively to the driver on the day.

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The REO SpeedWagon dropping off at the Boatshed Restaurant entry

A small number of parking bays near the entrance are ACROD only, so long term parking will need to be in the adjacent parking zones not at the restaurant entrance.

Parking at the Boatshed Restaurant

The Boatshed Restaurant has access to heaps of parking for guests an easy walk from the venue. The popular riverside precinct attracts a large number of visitors daily who are usually starting to head home before wedding guests start arriving after 5.00pm.

This could be different in summer when having a riverside picnic dinner is popular which may mean guests need to park further away. Also be vigilant for concerts and public events using Sir James Mitchell Reserve because an these nights access to the venue can be restrictive.

Wedding cars will usually drop off in the short entry drive to the restaurant

End of night chauffeur service

We recommend that a pre-booked chauffeur car is organised for the bride and groom for their get-away at the end of a wedding reception.

The Boatshed Restaurant’s central location means that short call taxi and Uber services are plentiful. It is worth remembering that most weddings, hotels and entertainment events finish around the same time so on busy nights they quickly become under load and there may be a wait for these services at the end of the night.

Consider advising special guests like parents and grandparents of the benefit of using a pre-booked service if your wedding falls on a busy Friday or Saturday evening. It is quite common for guests to be waiting for 20 – 30 minutes for a short call service and it is not much fun sitting in the carpark after the restaurant has closed for the evening

Wedding cars at the Boatshed Restaurant

The Boatshed Restaurant is one of the most easily accessible wedding venues in Perth. With ample parking and large spacious turning zones designed for the boat ramp stretch limousines can navigate the venue with ease.

Vintage wedding cars and small limousines can access all parts of the car park as required even on the busiest days. Stretch Chrysler limousines are recommended to stay on the eastern side car park on busy days. The western car park has restricted turning for larger limousines when the car park is full.

End of night pick-ups

When collecting the bride and groom from the venue at the end of a wedding reception remember to reverse up it the restaurant entry drive and wait near the restaurant entry. If you are picking up guests it is better to leave this entry drive for the bride and groom’s transport

Boatshed Restaurant Venue Details

A   Coode Street Jetty end of Coode Street South Perth

T   (08) 9474 1314

I   The Boatshed Restaurant

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