Bridgeleigh Reception Centre Wanneroo


Bridgeleigh Reception Centre

Bridgeleigh Function and Reception Centre in Wanneroo is one of the few reception venues in the northern suburbs of Perth which is independent of a larger commercial complex such as a restaurant or winery. The long established gardens are a favourite venue for wedding ceremonies, receptions and corporate functions. The two function rooms are accessed from opposite sides of the complex resulting in a private wedding reception experience adjacent to plush gardens.

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The Rolls Royce Silver Wraith featuring in wedding photos at Bridgeleigh

The reception rooms are large with spacious dance floors and have the added benefit of opening into the private gardens during the evening.

The cottage style gardens feature several ceremony locations however most couples gravitate to one of the gazebos for their ceremony. The wedding venue is ideally suited to classic wedding cars.

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A garden ceremony at Bridgeleigh Function Centre

Wedding limousine access

The western reception room has use of the feature round about for drop-offs. It is more accommodating of classic wedding cars although Chrysler limos will do a multi-point turn to exit. Some stretch limo drivers will use the car parks to more easily turn around the limousines but this can be tricky if there is a large number of guests in the car parks.

luxury bridal cars
The Jaguar Mk5 convertible featuring in Bridgeleigh wedding photography

The eastern reception room requires a drive in approach and turning after entering the car park. Some drivers of larger limos may drop you nearer the western end of the complex to make an easier exit if the centre is busy and access to the car parks is restricted.

Bridgeleigh Reception Centre contact information

A   198 Mary Street Wanneroo

T   (08) 9306 1011

W   Bridgeleigh Reception Centre

Additional pictures of the venue

For a range of pictures featuring real weddings at the wedding venues see our galleries page.

Bridgeleigh Reception Centre

Most couples using Bridgeleigh book the wedding transport for a three to four hour hire and use the time delivering both the groom’s party and the bridal party to the venue and for the feature photography session whether it is on the grounds or off site. On Saturday afternoons during peak wedding season – October to December and February till mid May – we will require a four hour hire of the wedding cars. Mid-week and Sunday weddings we can be quite flexible, however Friday afternoons during peak season we will expect a two-three hour hire.

jaguar mk5 convertible bridal car
Our Jaguar Mk5 convertible at a Bridgeleigh wedding

Many couples ask about a direct transfer to the venue without the cars remaining after delivering the bridal party to the ceremony. If you are booking more than two months before your wedding date we will require a minimum two hour hire to the venue which will allow a few photographs with the bridal car directly after the wedding ceremony,. All shorter limo hire in Perth are subject to availability and the demand for wedding car hire on your date.

The safest option is to book your wedding transport well in advance when securing your wedding venues.

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Wedding cars and limousines

The reception room and ceremony location being used by the couple is not always noted when booking. Remember to ask the bride or groom which location they are using before arriving at the venue.

Western reception room

When approaching the round about down the main drive it is better to enter the right hand side of the round-about and stop before reaching the bottom of the turn. The exit of the bride from the passenger side of the car will mean photographs taken of the arrival will feature the gardens in the background.

jaguar bridal cars
Our Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars on the right side of the fountain

If you do enter the round-about from the left hand side ensure you stop before the bottom of the turn this will leave the fountain feature in the background.

Chrysler limousines are easiest to drive into the right side of the round-about then reverse back into the eastern reception room drive for an easy forward exit of the venue.

Eastern reception room

Turn left just before the round-about and follow the drive to the end of the reception centre for drop-off. Brides will often want to enter the reception centre and approach the ceremony from the door closest to their ceremony location, usually on the far side of the building.

During the ceremony find a nice parking position for the wedding car for feature photos to be taken with a garden setting in the background. The usual drop-off spot will have either a car park or the reception centre as a background. You can also ask the photographer where they would like the wedding car positioned.