Bryony’s Limo Wine Tour for Mum’s Birthday

Bryony and her sisters organised a Swan Valley Limo Wine Tour for mum’s special birthday. The day focused on venues she knew would appeal to her mother and featured lunch at Taylor’s Cafe Restaurant and Art Studio. Afternoon tea at the Cape Lilac Cafe provided a chance to browse the range of products and Mago Coffee shop.

Featured Swan Valley Venues

Cape Lilac Cafe

Lancaster Winery

Pinelli Winery

Taylor’s Cafe & Art Studio

Windy Creek Winery


Chrysler stretched limo in

chrysler limos perth
The family portrait at Pinelli Winery
perth wine tours
Enjoying the afternoon at Windy Creek Winery
limo wine tours perth
The cheese tasting at Lancaster Winery
swan valley wine tours
The Chrysler limo at Lancaster Winery on the day
perths best wine tour
Lancaster Winery is a fun stop on the day
limo tours
Taylor’s Cafe specialise in wholesome foods and has an interesting environment
birthday wine tour
Congratulations for your birthday and thank you for sharing your family day out.






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