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Christchurch Anglican Church

Christchurch is a popular western suburbs Anglican church for wedding ceremonies. The historic building gives a traditional feel to weddings and accommodates a large wedding ceremony. Usually the wedding guests are seated inside before the bride arrives which gives her a few minutes to prepare. The photographer usually takes pictures of the arrival (of the bride and parents with the wedding cars) and the reverend discusses any last minute needs if necessary. The interior is very attractive and there is a community hall next to the church which can be used for refreshments after the ceremony if desired. The bells of Christchurch that peal after the wedding are a highlight of the venue. The architecture of the church is particularly suited to classic wedding cars.

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Christchurch Anglican Church Claremont

Limousine Access

Christchurch has a large parking verge in front of the church which is usually reserved for the wedding limos by the church staff. It is worth having a member of the guest group check that the witch hats are in place so your wedding cars can drop you at the church entrance. The wedding vehicles can then stay in position for the duration of your time at the church. Chrysler limos, Hummer limos or classic wedding cars are all easily accommodated at Christchurch.

Ask your wedding guests to park away from the entrance to minimise the risk of blocking the church your entry. There is a large parking bay behind the church off Stirling Highway.

Parking at Christchurch Anglican Church

There is no dedicated guest parking at Christchurch. Guests will need to park along Queenslea Drive or possibly in the Claremont Quarter. The parking issue becomes a big problem on weekday afternoons between 2.30 – 4.00pm when the Christchurch Grammar School and Methodist Ladies College finish for the day. for this reason it is wise to have guests arrive 10 minutes earlier than the ceremony is planned. Guests with mobility problems should be dropped off at the church front before the driver looks elsewhere for parking.

It is essential that guests do not park along the church front, otherwise the wedding cars may not be able to drop-off on the busy street.

Wedding cars at Christchurch Anglican

Christchurch can only be accessed when travelling south on Queenslea Drive. You must enter Queenslea Drive from the north or turn off Stirling Highway. The church front has ample parking for wedding cars and limousines and the church places cones in the set done zone to reserve the parking space.

Christchurch Anglican Church Details

A   Queenslea Drive Claremont (crn of Stirling Highway)
T   (08) 9384 9244

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