Chrysler Jet Door Limo Wine Tour

Janelle organised a Swan Valley wine tour in the jet door Chrysler limousine with a group of friends on her birthday. With a little input from Janelle about her preferred types of venues John at Belle Classic coordinated the day to visit a mix of wineries and breweries with lunch at Feral brewery. The highlights for the girls were Pinelli Winery, Lancaster Winery and a rocking finish at Ironbark Brewery.

pinelli winery
Janelle and her friends enjoying a wine at Pinelli Winery

The girls kept the music thumping throughout the day whilst enjoying a couple of bottles of Moet to add to the atmosphere on the drive to the Swan Valley. Lunch at Feral Brewery is always well received and the girls enjoyed the party atmosphere. Great Northern Distillery was a low point on the day as three large buses arrived during our booking time which meant it was unpleasantly crowded. The advantage of the limo meant that we could move on quickly to enjoy the champagne at Jane Brook Winery.

great northern distillery
The crowd at the great northern distillery was quickly by passed

Featured Swan Valley Venues

Feral Brewery

Great Northern Distillery

Ironbark Brewery

Jane Brook Estate Winery

Lancaster Winery

Pinelli Winery

Sittella Winery


Chrysler jet door limo in white

jet door chrysler limo
The Chrysler was the pick of limos at Lancaster Winery
swan valley tour perth
The party mood underway at Lancaster Winery



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