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Belle Classic Limousines have a matching pair of white Chrysler 300C limos. Whilst they are the same model Chrysler limo and have matching colour and wheels, the two Chryslers offer a choice between Lamborghini scissor doors or a fifth bridal jet door limo.

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Belle Limousines matching white Chrysler limousines

Hiring Chrysler limos from Belle Classic is a safer option than many limo businesses. Belle do not engage in several dodgy practices engaged by other businesses such as over-lapping bookings and false discount ‘guarantees’.

Not all Chrysler limos are the same

1   Music

You can be confident that our Chrysler limos have the latest in music systems allowing you to connect all iPhone and iPods as well as USB, Bluetooth, DVD and CD ensuring you can play your music, your volume your playlist during your special occasion limo hire.

Check with the supplier if you are thinking about hiring a Chrysler limo elsewhere, many Chrysler limousines have a computer based music system which will not connect with iPhone technology – it is their music or no music, not your music. Royal coach-built Chrysler limousines had the music controlled from the front of the limo which can be restrictive. Belle Classic Chrysler Limousines have been modified to create a great music experience with all control at your fingertips – your iPhone, CD, DVD or USB stick – your music on call.

2   Fifth door

Is a fifth door worth the hype? The short answer is yes, the truth is on some fifth door limos it makes little difference at all.

Great – Jet doors and centrally mounted fifth doors give unrestricted access to the limousine meaning entry to the centre of the limo with no climbing over or shuffling along seats. The jet door limos are the best for bridal parties as the bride can stand when entering and exiting the limo.

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The central jet door Chrysler limo makes entry and exit a breeze

Not so good – One Perth business has fifth door Chrysler limos where the fifth door is mounted off the front door pillar. The access through these doors is greatly restricted by the seat back and has a more difficult entry than the standard rear door thus minimising any benefit. Check it out – not all Chryslers are the same.

3   Lights

There are three generations of Chrysler lighting fit outs common in Perth limos.

  • The Royal coach built Chrysler limousines are fitted with fairy lights, neon strips and large video screens. The fairy light Chrysler limousines provide a perfect atmosphere for wedding hire. Belle Limousines Chrysler 10BELLE has lambo doors and the Royal coach interior with an upgraded music system.
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Interior of the Royal coach Chrysler limo 10BELLE
  • The newer (2009+) Presidential built Chrysler limos have solid lighting panels and strobe and laser lights making an exciting light show to set the theme for party limo hire. The newer limos have open back seats with a solid wall of coloured light throughout the limo. The Belle Limousines Chrysler 12BELLE has the latest Presidential light show with an updated music system.
jet door limos
The interior of the Presidential Chrysler jet door limo 12BELLE
  • The not so good – There are several Chrysler limos in Perth with limited or inferior lighting systems. They usually have a few fairy lights and a couple of strip lights which give very little atmosphere to the limo. OK for weddings but boring for a party night. Not all Chryslers are the same, one of Perth’s big discount Chrysler suppliers has two substandard Chryslers on their fleet, be sure you specify the Chrysler you want when booking. One of their Chrysler limos has sharp fibre lights sticking through the interior roof which can catch on your skin and clothes when moving through the limo – rub your hand gently along the roof lining.

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