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Classic Wedding Cars

Belle Classic Limousines supply one of Perth’s largest collections of classic wedding cars together with seven passenger limousines and eleven passenger Chrysler limos to accommodate your wedding party.

Beautiful limousines, friendly service, great value.

classic wedding cars
Our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud at Caversham House

The Belle Classic collection of famous British wedding cars in ivory (old English white) paintwork has become a focal point of the Perth wedding scene. The extensive range of vehicles includes a 1934 REO SpeedWagon limousine, 1957 Rolls Royce Cloud and 1951 Rolls Royce Wraith wedding cars, 1950 Jaguar Mk5 in convertible, sedan and limousine; 1959 Jaguar Mk9 sedan; 1980’s Rolls Royce Spirit limousines and modern Chrysler limos. It provides huge flexibility for couples to mix and match cars and limousines to cater for large or small wedding parties and to select a combination of vehicles to complement their wedding theme. With a seating capacity (excluding the chauffeur) of four passenger seats in the sedans and convertibles and six to ten (rear) seats for the various limousines allows for various wedding parties to be accommodated with ease.

What is traditional wedding transport?

Traditional wedding transport is used by couples wishing to give a unique feel to the wedding day and to give a timeless appeal to the photographic records of the day. The thrill of riding in a 1930’s – 1950’s luxury car helps add to the mystique and special nature of the day. Traditional wedding cars are also chosen to bring back memories of childhood and sometimes to connect to a family association with a special make of vehicle. We have assisted with weddings where three generations of brides in the family have arrived to their wedding in a Rolls Royce limousine.

What cars are ‘classic cars’

The term classic cars is used generally these days to define older luxury cars, rare sports cars or just interesting well maintained examples of past motoring.

To car enthusiasts classic cars are those made between the early 1950’s through to the end of the 1960’s. Collectable cars built between 1970 and 1990 have become known as modern classic cars. Cars built prior to 1950 are more correctly known as vintage cars (about 1920 – 1930) and post vintage cars (about 1930 – 1950). We have a great page dedicated to the general naming and styles of cars if you want to be more informed.

Between you and me classic cars is a good all round term to describe our fleet of wedding cars. Apart from the vintage 1934 REO SpeedWagon limousine, Belle Classic’s cars are all post-war cars with the next oldest being a 1948 Jaguar Mk5 sedan. Post war cars incorporate modern features such as hydraulic brakes and independent suspensions which make them more reliable and comfortable that many pre-war cars.

classic wedding cars
Our 1950’s classic Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars at Caversham House

Vintage style wedding cars (1920 – 1950’s)

Due to World War II few cars were manufactured in Britain between 1934 and 1946. When vehicle production re-commenced in the late 1940’s the style was almost identical to the pre-war cars from over ten years earlier. The Belle Classic Rolls Royce Wraith is coach built in the true vintage style with magnificent headlamps and sweeping running boards while the Jaguar Mk5 convertibles and sedans are typical of the 1930’s look even though they were built around 1950.

Our REO SpeedWagon limousine is a genuine vintage classic which was imported from the United States in the early 1930’s and served the rural communities of Victoria until the late 60’s. It was salvaged and rebuilt in 1998 with modern mechanicals but still retains its original body shape and styling.

vintage limousine
The REO SpeedWagon at a Swan Valley wedding shoot

Classic style wedding cars (1950 – 1960’s)

The 1950’s saw the release of the new range of post war cars in England. None were more exciting than the fabulous Jaguar XK120 sports car which dominated Le Mans for nearly a decade and set a benchmark for modern sports cars around the world.Car design moved rapidly to sweeping curves and sleek all in one body designs.

The Jaguar Mk7 – Mk9 large bodied sedans introduced in 1951 competed with Rolls Royce limousines for the luxury market during the 1950’s. Jaguar was the forerunner with the Jaguar Mk7 pre-dating the new model Rolls Royce Silver Cloud by five years. When it was released the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud quickly became the most sought after and popular luxury car of its time.

jaguar mk9 wedding car
Our classic Jaguar Mk9 bridal car at a WA Rowing Club wedding

Limousines during this period carried up to six rear passengers; the rear seat normally reserved for the Lord and Lady of the house could comfortably seat three passengers. A set of occasional seats could be unfolded to accommodate three more passengers in the spacious rear of the vehicle, and two more passengers could sit in the front with the chauffeur but this was unusual.

The decline of the great British coach-building businesses during the 1960’s meant that fewer luxury extended wheelbase limousines were being built. In the late 1960’s Jaguar (who had recently taken over Daimler) re-invented this style of limousine by building the Daimler DS420 limousines, specifically designed for members of the royal family and becoming affectionately known as Royal Daimlers. Queen Elizabeth the Queen’s Mother was chauffeured in various Daimler limousines throughout her life and the Daimler DS420 limos are still used by the Royal Family today, most noticeably in the Royal Wedding of William and Kate. There are several Royal Daimlers for hire in Perth, although quirky we sold ours because we found they didn’t provide the level of comfort and safety we require for our clients. They have been replaced by the Rolls Royce Spirit limousines.

Belle Classic is pleased to offer Jaguar Mk9, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and Rolls Royce limousines from the classic era to the Perth wedding scene – all timeless classics with an important place in British automotive history.

luxury bridal cars
The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud bridal car at Kings Street in Perth

Retro classic cars and limousines

The term ‘retro’ is most commonly applied to the 70’s and 80’s (although the younger generations may even be thinking of the 90’s as a retro period). Cars from the 70s – 80s are known for their square sometimes boxy lines and are starting to emerge as a collectors focal point for people now in the 30 – 40 year age bracket. Just as 70s, 80s and 90s music nights are becoming popular evenings reliving the music of the era retro muscle cars are enormously popular in America and the trend set to sweep through Australia.

Our retro Rolls Royce Spirit limousines are a unique seven passenger limousines with all the great Rolls Royce comfort features, a rocking 6.7 litre V8 engine and classic 1980’s retro style.

Modern Wedding Limousines

The explosion of modern American style style stretched limousines has forever changed the definition of luxury transport. Today the Chrysler limousines hold the title for limos of choice for ten rear passengers, largely because they were released as right hand drive vehicles for the Australian market. The Rolls Royce Spirit limousines are popular luxury wedding transport for up to six rear passengers.

While they certainly accommodate a large wedding party in style they are used to complement the traditional place of the classic bridal cars in most Perth weddings. Belle Classic Limousines is happy to mix and match all available vehicles to best suit the needs of your wedding day.

chrysler jet door limo
Our Chrysler limousine at the Christchurch Anglican Church in Claremont

Inquire on-line or telephone the Belle Classic Limousines office on (08) 9279 9922 for an obligation free advice on the best transport for your wedding day.

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