Concert Limo Hire Perth


Using limos for getting to concerts in Perth is fun and can be a safe, economical and convenient alternative to public or private transport. Get a group of friends organised before you purchase tickets. The you will have the enjoyment of an extended concert celebration with your best friends and a ready made group to share the limousine hire and the party before and after the event.

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Spectacular light effects in a Chrysler limo.

Perth concert season

The 2013-14 concert season has some great international artists performing.

Sept 24     Rihanna at the Perth Arena

Sept 28-29     One Direction at the Perth Arena

Oct 12     Ricky Martin at the Perth Arena

Oct 28-29     Andre Rieu at the Perth Arena

Nov 2     Jessica Mauboy at the Perth Arena

Nov 5     Pitbull & Ke$ha at the Perth Arena

Nov 8-9     Beyonce at the Perth Arena

Nov 11     Leonard Cohen at the Perth Arena

Nov 22-23     Fleetwood Mac at the Perth Arena

Nov 30     Muse at the Perth Arena

Dec 5     Alicia Keys at the Perth Arena

Dec 7     Jack Johnson at Kings Park

Dec 8     Justin Bieber at the Perth Arena

Dec 11     Taylor Swift at the NIB Stadium

Dec 12    Bon Jovi at the Perth Arena

Feb 7-8     Bruce Springsteen at the Perth Arena

Feb 28     Bruno Mars at the Perth Arena

Apr 26-27     Michael Buble at the Perth Arena

Cheap limos compared to private transport?

To be honest a limo will cost more than driving yourself if everything goes well. With the cost split between ten friends a limo can be under $50 per head return to your pick-up address. The benefits of a limousine transfer are many:

  • arrive at the time you want
  • no searching for a parking spot or parking fees
  • pick-up at the venue exit after the concert and make a speedy exit to home or the Crown Casino if you want to party on.
  • no breath testing, parking fines or public transport queues and your own car is secure in your garage for the night.

Limos are more convenient than public transport

Depending upon where home is, public transport can be a slow, crowded, inconvenient and even a little risky returning home late at night. Your chauffeured Belle Limousine will have a courteous and helpful driver, iced water or your favourite drink on board for the journey and the flexibility to take a tour route or varied destinations on the way back home after the concert.

Chrysler limos in Perth

Chrysler limousines are the most popular limo for concert transfers. Economically transport groups of six to 20 in style. The Chryslers easily negotiate many trickier destinations.