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Rebecca and Adrian’s wedding day involved some some of our favourite wedding venues as well as a pick-up from Crown Towers which is quickly becoming the destination of choice for brides preparing for their wedding day.

crown towers perth
The Chrysler jet door limousine collecting the bridal party

The wedding ceremony was at the picturesque St Columba’s Church in South Perth which has sweeping views back over the city. One of the highlights of the church is the plane tree lined drive leading to the entrance at the city end of the building.

st columbas church south perth
Arriving at St Columba’s Church in South Perth

Family and feature wedding photography were at the church and the iconic Blue Boat-shed in the drive to Mosmans Restaurant for the reception. The wedding party enjoyed the day as did chauffeur Mark in the Chrysler limousine.

st columbas church
Congratulations to Rebecca and Adrian from Belle Limousines

Wedding photography

If you are planning your afternoon wedding schedule we recommend that you dedicate at least 2-3 hours between the ceremony finish time and reception for family and feature photography depending upon the locations being used during the day. The time between the ceremony and reception is a great opportunity to relax and have a few minutes rest before heading into the reception. This is especially useful for the bridal party who have often been busy from early in the day.

Whilst the Blue Boat-shed has become a bit cliche for wedding photography in Perth it continues to provide some interesting images with great colour contrast for formal wedding pictures.

blue boat shed
Photography at the Blue Boat-shed in Perth

Belle Classic Limousines’ drivers will often take a few pictures of the wedding cars and limousines at work on a typical day. Whilst not anywhere near the standard of those taken by the professional photographers the drivers often capture a few behind the scenes gems. Copies of the driver taken images are available from Belle on request.

chrysler limousine hire
The beautiful bridal party on the way to the church

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