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Belle Classic has recently sold its Daimler limos and purchased the more spacious, safer and more comfortable Rolls Royce Silver Spirit limousines. The new limousines cater for wedding parties of up to seven passengers or are frequently used for a wedding party of four passengers which allows each passenger exceptional space and comfort.

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We have left this page active (though not on the menu) because it is integrated through our internet presence and the Daimler limos form an interesting part of our history.

Daimler DS420 limousines, better known as the Royal Daimler, were designed in the 1960’s to continue the long tradition of the British Royal family using Daimler limos for their personal chauffeur vehicle. The late Queen Mother’s Daimler limo recently featured in the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate to transport Kate’s parents to the wedding.

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Daimler Wedding Limos

Daimler limousines maintain the traditional British seating that can be configured to seat four passengers like royalty, or quickly converted to a six passenger limousine with three rows of forward facing seats to cater for larger bridal parties. The large feature grill makes the Daimler limousines a great match when following a classic Jaguar, Bentley or Rolls Royce bridal car.

Daimler DS420 limousines were built by the esteemed Vanden Plas body builder, primarily for the British Royal Family and nobility. The Royal Family used Daimler limousines exclusively for several decades. The popularity of the princess style Daimler led to an extended production run from 1968 through to the early 1990?s with around 4000 limousines being made. As a quirky side note, the earlier Daimler limos were upholstered with leather in the rear cabin and black vinyl to the driver’s compartment to clearly mark the difference in status.

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The Daimler limo has a commanding presence on the road.

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Luxury Limousines

The Daimler limos have luxury period appointments including:


Licensed for six passengers plus the chauffeur. Belle Classic Limousines recommends that you inspect a Daimler if you intend to use it as a bridal car carrying six passengers.

Leather upholstery

The Daimler limos have grey leather seat and door trims with matching head-lining and carpets. As noted the early model Daimler has black vinyl upholstery to the drivers compartment.

Divider screens

Many people think that divider screens originated with the emergence of modern stretch limousines, however, British limousines have provided divider screens since the early 1900’s. The newer Daimler has a powered divider.


Both Daimler limos are air-conditioned. The newer Daimler has dual air-conditioning. The earlier model has air-conditioning to the rear of the car. The driver was not afforded the extra comfort.


Both Daimler wedding limousines are fitted with modern music systems with CD player and iPod connectivity.

Daimler Limo Occasions


Weddings are the core occupation for the Daimler limousines today. The are an economical and fun form of transport for couples seeking a true vintage or classic wedding car experience to complement their wedding day.

They have the largest bridal door available in any limousine and when used in three seat mode will accommodate the largest wedding dress with ease. When converted to a six seat limousine they are the perfect vehicle for the wedding party to follow a classic bridal car.

Special Occasions

The Daimler limos do assist with with many short hire chauffeur services for special occasions throughout the year. Mainly for special birthdays and anniversaries for parents and grandparents who relate to the period charm of the vehicles.