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Special occasion limousine hire

Belle Classic limousines will get you there (and back again if you want).

Getting to and from your special occasion in Perth can be a hassle if you want; crowded public transport; parking fines; booze buses; invisible taxis (at least they seem that way when you really want one), OR ….

Let Belle Classic Limousines deliver you in comfort on your special occasion and be there waiting when you are ready to leave.

If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas for planning a special occasion then this page is for you. Simply follow the links to read examples of the many occasions we have helped with. We don’t claim the creative genius behind some of the neat things our clients have done but it may trigger your imagination.

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Many special occasions are already planned in your head when you start looking for transport options, if that is the case then skip through the steps as required.

Four steps to ensuring a well planned special occasion


Step 1 – Read the info on helping to plan your special occasion

The following tabs will link you through to a more detailed article on each special occasion. The discussion on each event has lots of practical information with some great examples of what others have done to spice up the occasion if you are in the early stages of creating a memorable event.

Step 2 – Check your venue information and limousine access

Follow the picture links below to get the latest venue information and read our article on limousine access to the location.

Every venue has its own vehicle access characteristics. Many venues provide good access on most occasions for all sorts of stretch limousines, chauffeur cars and buses, but during a special event the venue can turn into a nightmare. These outlines give an insider’s view of the best transport options for Perth’s locations during a major event on an average day of the year.

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Step 3 – Choose your special occasion car or limousine

2-4 passenger chauffeur cars

Belle Limousines provides Mercedes Benz chauffeur cars for economical transfers starting at $195 each way through to spectacular classic cars including Rolls Royce and Jaguar sedans for special occasions that demand something different.

small charter vehicles

2-4 passenger classic cars

Our collection of classic vehicles is also available for special occasion transfers. Friday, Saturday and some Sunday afternoons during wedding season there may be limited availability for short hire transfers between noon and 6.00pm when the cars are usually engaged for weddings.

classic wedding cars

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luxury bridal transport

2-6 rear passenger limousines

Belle Classic’s REO SpeedWagon, Jaguar Mk5 and Rolls Royce Spirit limousines are rare six seat luxury limousines in a city dominated by Chrysler and Hummer limos catering for 10 – 16 passengers. Six seat limousines are idea for groups of two to three couples looking for event transfers. The Rolls Royce are an exceptional low price transport option for groups of four passengers and come complete with wine cabinet and tables for holding a computer on executive business transfers.

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vintage limo hire

2-10 passenger limousines

Chrysler 10 passenger limousines are the standard in large group luxury transfers. Choose between Belle’s ‘lambo door’ or jet door Chrysler limos.

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jet door limousine

 Step 4 – Inquire and / or book in your event

Phone 9279 9922 or email an inquiry or booking form secure a limousine for your event. Use the charter booking form for all special occasion limousine hire not specifically noted below.


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