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Faber Vineyard

Faber Vineyard in the Swan Valley near Perth is one of our favourite visits during wine tours. Set behind a grove of Plane Trees the gallery themed tasting room is something completely unexpected when compared to the standard winery experience. You can choose to sit around one of the dining style tables, in lounge chairs or on the verandah and John and his team will bring their wines to you.

rolls royce limousines
Belle Limos’ Rolls Royce limousine at Faber Vineyard

John Griffiths is an awarded winemaker who crafts some of the finest wines in the Swan Valley. A highlight of Faber Vineyard is the monthly themed get-togethers where friends of the winery join in on a wining and dining feast to celebrate the seasonal events in the wine making industry. Our favourite is the Australia Day seafood BBQ.

luxury wine tastings
The wine tasting experience at Faber Vineyard

Limo access at Faber Vineyard

The drive into the vineyard is easily accessed from the road. Smaller limos and sedans have ample parking and the ability to turn around in the drive with ease. Larger Chrysler limos struggle to turn around between the trees in the car park so need to reverse back out onto the road. Larger Hummer limos and bus crowds do not suit the atmosphere or nor match the facilities provided.

chrysler jet door limos
Our Chrysler jet door limousine at Faber Vineyard needs to reverse back onto the road

Belle Limousines recommends that Faber Vineyard is best enjoyed with a small group of friends to enhance the intimate setting and tasting experience. Inquire about your wine tour now.

happy wine tours
Belle Classic Limousine’s Swan Valley wine tour group leaving Faber Vineyard

Faber Vineyard contact information

T   (08) 9296 0209

A   233 Haddrill Road Baskerville

W   Faber Vineyard