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Frasers Restaurant and the State Function Centre

Frasers Restaurant in Kings Park has been one of Perth’s most popular restaurants and wedding reception venues for many years. Since the upgrade which has incorporated the State Function Centre into the upper floor of Frasers it has simply become even better. Spectacular views of the Perth city-scape are the backdrop for a magical evening.

chrysler limo hire
Our Chrysler limousine at Frasers Restaurant in Fraser Avenue

Frasers has spaces that can cater for 70 to 400 guests making one of Perth’s largest venues. Nestled into the hillside at the top of Kings Park guests also have the flexibility to enjoy the space around the venue before the reception starts or for a short break during the evening.

Wedding limousine access

Frasers is one of the most accessible venues in Perth for wedding cars. The front and rear entrances can both accommodate the largest Hummer and Chrysler limos and of course vintage wedding cars. The car park behind Frasers has ample parking for wedding guests with the possible exception being nights when there is a concert being hosted at the Kings park Botanical Gardens.

If a concerts is being hosted on the night of your wedding reception at Frasers it would be worth informing your guests because the car park can fill with concert goers in the late afternoon and it will be difficult to find parking anywhere near the venue. You will also be wise to coordinate a finish time that is different from the end of the concert.

Discuss your entrance to the reception with your photographer. Most couples are delivered to the chauffeur’s drop-off zone on the upper level at the rear car park entrance shown with our classic wedding cars in the photo below. This is the main entrance to the State Function Centre.

classic wedding cars
Dropping off at the upper-level car park entrance to Frasers Restaurant
rolls royce cloud wedding car
Dropping off at the Fraser Avenue lower entrance to Frasers Restaurant

Many couples do choose to be let out on the lower level near the round about in front of Frasers (as shown in the photo with the Rolls Royce and Chrysler limo above) where the photographer will take some arrival photos with the city back-drop before you make your entrance. Your chauffeur will need to know your preference before arriving at Kings Park. If your wedding cars drive past the front drop-off zone thinking you will want the car park entrance, it could take up to ten minutes to return to the front drive (depending upon the size of limousine you have and how busy Fraser Avenue is on the night). School ball season runs from February through until the end of June each year.

chrysler limos perth
School ball photos in Kings Park opposite Frasers Restaurant

On school ball Friday and Saturday nights (especially in February and March) there can be 30 – 40 limousines visit Fraser Avenue between 6.00 – 7.30pm as the students stop for photographs while they enjoy a limo ride to their ball. This information should be considered as you plan your entrance to the reception.

School ball limo access

School ball organisers have started booking the State Reception Centre for their ball. The new venue is a great size for large schools and the separation from the city would appeal to many school administrators. The limo driver will need to know whether the students need to be dropped at the round-a-bout in front of Frasers or at the rear car park entrance before arriving at Kings Park. If your limo driver goes past the front drop-off zone thinking you will want the car park entrance, it could take up to ten minutes to return to the front drive (depending upon the size of limousine you have and how busy Fraser Avenue is on the night).

school ball limo hire
Hundreds of students will be occupying Fraser Avenue on school ball nights

At the end of night pick-up most limo drivers will wait in the main car park behind Frasers for the students. This is better coordinated before the students are dropped at the ball because there can be 20 – 30 limos at the venue at the end of night.

rolls royce limousines
Our Rolls Royce limousine making a night time visit to collect from Frasers Restaurant

Parking at Frasers Restaurant and the State Function Centre

The venue is well know to have a huge parking area behind the building. The parking area will easily cater for 100s of guests’ cars for two weddings being held simultaneously at Frasers Restaurant.

If there is any limitation to parking it is due to the popularity of Kings Park for picnics on summer nights and during spring and early autumn. This is also the car park where thousands of families will park from 4.00pm on to wander to the lawns to set up their family outing. This is an hour or two before your guests will be arriving so parking may be an issue even here.

Spill over parking along the roads leaving from the area will usually have plenty of parking but the walk back to cars at the end of the night becomes longer the busier the night becomes.

Concert nights

The biggest exception for parking at Frasers Restaurant is on nights when concert events are held at the Botanic Gardens lawn. Kings Park goes into lockdown mode and often the Frasers Restaurant car park is closed for the evening. It is wise to be vigilant as your wedding date approaches for concert events in Kings Park and check with the venue about availability of the car park for wedding guests.

On concert nights Kings Park is usually closed to general traffic from 3.00 – 4.00pm as the concert goers start arriving and all parking for up to a kilometre of the venue is consumed.. There is also a huge grid lock between 10.00 – 11.30pm as limos and charter cars converge on the park as concert patrons start to leave.

On concert nights in Kings Park both parking and access to short call taxis and hire cars becomes a big problem. Unfortunately you will never know of the clash when you book your wedding one to two years ahead for your wedding.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”End of night get-aways” tab_id=”4b63f259-ea02-6″][vc_column_text]

End of night chauffeur car service

We recommend that you book a chauffeur car for the bride and groom to their end of wedding night accommodation. Even at Frasers restaurant near the centre of Perth city it is safer to know your car will be waiting as your celebration concludes and you walk out of the venue with a following of guests who want to wave you farewell.

It is also a nice gesture to pre-book a chauffeur car for special guests like your parents and grandparents if they are likely to be drinking on the evening.

Taxis and Uber services

Frasers Restaurant is well placed to benefit from a reliable access to taxis and Uber cars that frequent the city for fares. Remember that even though short call cars are now plentiful the peak hire period is between 11.00pm and 12.30am when the majority of hotels, entertainment venues and other city based weddings will be concluding. Whilst often a cheap ride it is worth knowing that Uber will charge peak demand rates on busy nights often several times the normal hire costs.

Concert nights at Kings Park

All this changes on Kins park concert nights. Short call taxis and Uber cars will struggle to meet the demand and the grid lock that frequently occurs in the park at the end of the concert will mean that the wait for a car, if you secure one in the city, may still be over 30 minutes, and the hire cost for Uber will be significantly higher than a taxi and even a pre-booked service.

Wedding limousines at Frasers Restaurant

Frasers Restaurant is a favourite wedding venue for up-market Perth couples. Belle assists with a wedding at the venue on most weekends. Our vintage wedding cars are popular with couples using the venue, often in conjunction with matching classic cars or a Chrysler limousine for the wedding party.

There are two function rooms used at the venue and depending upon the arrangements with the photographer couples could use either the lower entrance (in front of the building) or the upper entrance (behind the building) regardless of the room they are using.

State Function Centre

The State Function Centre is on the upper level of the building and is most often accessed using the rear / upper entry near the car park. Always ask the couple whether they would prefer to be dropped off at the front or the upper entrance to be sure. End of night get-aways always pick-up at the upper entrance in the chauffeur car access way.

Lower Function Room

Couples using the smaller function room downstairs usually prefer to be set down near the front entrance either in the parking bay across the road from Frasers Restaurant or on the round-a-bout near the entry. If using the round-a-bout be sure to stop just for the set down. End of night get-aways are still usually from the upper entry point but double check with the couple when you arrive and move to the lower entry if they prefer.

Concert nights at Kings Park

On concert nights at Kings Park you will need to be a little demanding of your set down or pick-up requirements. The contracted traffic controllers employed by the concert promoters usually have no idea about the requirements for the wedding services to Frasers Restaurant and you may need to stop and discuss getting access to the venue with them. On occasions both the lower and upper entry points will be blocked without a traffic warden present and the only access to the venue is via the main car park (which is probably closed to traffic). You will need to persist with the traffic wardens to get access.

If picking up at Frasers Restaurant at the end of a wedding on a concert night it will be necessary to arrive at the venue well in advance of the pick-up time to ensure you can get timely access to the venue.

Frasers Restaurant Contact Details

A   Fraser Avenue Kings Park Perth

T   (08) 9481 7100

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