Graeme and Rebecca’s Jaguar Convertible Experience

Graeme and Rebecca were leaving Joondalup Resort for home just as we were preparing to leave following a wedding drop-off. After jokingly asking for a ride home after waiting for a taxi for half an hour, the couple had an unexpected thrill driving home in the Jaguar Mk5 convertible.

The jaguar Mk5 convertibles are popular for special occasions including Swan Valley wine tours for a couple, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and proposals. Driving in a vintage convertible with the top down enjoying the breeze through your hair is one of life’s great experiences.


Jaguar Mk5 DHC convertible (DHC = drop head coupe)

jaguar limousines perth
Rebecca and Graeme arriving home from Joondalup Resort
perth limos
All the best from Belle Classic guys

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