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Guildford Grammar School Chapel

Guildford Grammar is the main Anglican boys school in the Eastern suburbs of Perth. Weddings at the Guildford Grammar Chapel are mainly of Guildford old boys and families associated with the school. The college chapel, known as the Chapel of St Mary and St George, and grounds are beautifully maintained and a credit to the school.

The Jaguar Mk9 at the Guildford Grammar gates
The Jaguar Mk9 at the Guildford Grammar gates

The Guildford Grammar School grounds and the chapel itself are keenly sought for wedding photography. Unfortunately the college doesn’t accommodate wedding parties who have not been married in the chapel that day. For those lucky enough to be married in the chapel there are many great photo locations in the proximity of the chapel.

guildford grammar chapel
The walk to the Guildford Grammar chapel from the western gate

Still couples attracted to the plane trees along Terrace Road and the backdrop of Guildford Grammar will stop along the road verge during their photography session and have photos taken along the footpath with the school and chapel in the background.

jaguar wedding cars
Our Jaguar convertible on Terrace Road during a wedding photo shoot

Wedding limousine access

The location favours the use of classic wedding cars such as the Jaguar Mk5 or Rolls Royce to match the period architecture. The smaller wedding cars can deliver the bride to the western end of the chapel allowing for the walk down the path to the ceremony. It will be important to ensure the college staff know that you need the gates open so the bridal cars can pull in off the road.

convertible wedding cars
Our Jaguar Mk5 convertibles at Guildford Grammar school

There is also a small parking bay to the north of the church where the wedding limos can park if you prefer. Guest parking is minimal around the chapel and it is better they park inside the main entrance to the college.

chrysler limo service
Our Chrysler limousine and Rolls Royce Cloud in the western entrance

Larger Chrysler limousines and Hummer limos are not easily accommodated at the western end needing to reverse into or out from the grounds of the chapel. They can park behind the chapel to the east but there is limited turning room in the small car park.

Parking at Guildford Grammar Chapel

There is limited parking directly around the chapel. If you are planning your wedding ceremony at Guildford Grammar the main decision is whether you wish to enter by walking down the long path to the entrance (which is most common) or from the small car park beside the chapel. This lets you know if all of the small parking lot is available for guest parking or entry needs to be reserved for your wedding transport.

There is no road side parking near Guildford Grammar school so guests usually park inside the the school grounds. The closest parking is accessed via the main entrance and turning left as you head down the driveway. It is advisable to check with the school where they would like your guests to park on the day and have a family member direct guests as they arrive.

Wedding cars at Guildford Grammar

From a chauffeur’s perspective the biggest issue with Guildford Grammar weddings is getting the approach correct and being able to enter the school grounds near the chapel without a delay caused by guests who have parked cars at the entry point to be used by the bridal transport.

Entering Guildford Grammar Chapel

Both Terrace Road and the Great Eastern Highway are busy roads and if the wedding cars or limousines need to drive past a blocked entrance they will need to turn around by entering the school grounds (which is not advisable for super stretched limousines), or by driving closer to Midland. The cars then need to drive back into Guildford to make another approach and with four sets of traffic lights involved to do this, it can easily take 10 minutes for the round trip.

The western gate

Most couples choose to be set down at the small car park entrance at the eastern end of the chapel and walk the path to the main entrance to the ceremony. The turn off Terrace Road through the portico gate is quite sharp and easy for classic wedding cars and small limousines.

Classic wedding cars

Our Jaguar and Rolls Royce wedding cars can easily enter through this gate and drop off within the grounds. The drivers usually turn the cars around during the service in preparation for the exit.

Chrysler limousines

Stretch Chrysler limos and other 10 plus passenger limousines can drive in with a few adjustments to line up the entrance, but struggle getting back out onto the road and we recommend that they drop-off just outside the gate and park on the verge at the gate entrance. If a Chrysler limousine drives into the entrance it needs to reverse out which can be dangerous backing onto Terrace Road with a blind spot from the driver’s position in the limousine. Reversing into the gate is not an option because of the acute nature of the entry angle back onto Terrace Road which would require a 10+point turn.

The eastern gate

The eastern entrance gate is just behind the chapel as you head towards Midland. This is an easier entrance for stretch limousines because there is room to turn around inside the car park (if it is not full of guest’s cars).

If the bridal party are planning to use this entry guest parking needs to be monitored so there is sufficient access for the wedding transport chosen.

Guildford Grammar School Chapel contact details

A   Terrace Road Guildford

T   (08) 9377 9222

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