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It has become part of the local scene to have Belle Classic Limousines at the various wedding photography sites around Guildford. The mix of historic buildings, beautiful parks and rural vistas often featuring the Swan River is an attractive mix for achieving a variety of feature photo backdrops in a short timeframe.

vintage wedding photos
The soft light from shady trees and riverscapes are typical in Guildford wedding photos

Do yourself a favour and spend a morning or afternoon wandering the streets of Guildford to find some unique locations for your wedding photography. Guildford is an under-used resource with the great majority of photographers at Swan Valley weddings doing the ‘venue only’ photo shoot. Especially for couples with a vintage themed wedding Guildford is a must explore resource.

vintage wedding photography
Some of the great photo locations in Guildford

The popular Guildford photo locations noted below are in alphabetical order without the word Guildford included excepting the Guildford Hotel and Guildford Grammar Chapel.

Alfred’s Kitchen

Alfred’s Kitchen has a cult following and lights up at night into a classic roadside diner. Photos at Alfred’s Kitchen window are not common but add a quirky touch to couples looking for some fun variations in their wedding photo collection.

Antique shops

Inside or outside, the Guildford antique shop strip offers some amazing opportunities for fun wedding photos. There is everything from vintage furniture and collectibles through to cafes and boutique furniture shops

Bridge over the Swan River

The Guildford bridge over the Swan River heading north along West Swan Road is a old Jarrah log structure made with century old timber. The riverside area below the bridge helps to create timeless antique feel pictures. Walk under the bridge to the Lilac Hill reserve and riverside. or west into the riverside pastures for some country feel photographs.

Bushells Tea Sign

The owners of the property with the vintage Bushells Tea sign have been patiently chipping away at the plaster to reveal more of this reminder of days gone by. It is a popular photo stop for tea lovers on their wedding day.

rolls royce wedding car
The vintage Bushells Tea sign in Guildford

Colonial Goal and Court House

The Colonial Gaol has been stripped of plaster and restored to its original appearance in red brick over the last few years bringing back the character of this location. There is also a nest of rambling sheds and a vintage homestead around the back for some early settler photos. With a bit of planning you can also take some inside the gaol which doubles as a Swan Valley heritage museum.

jaguar wedding cars
There are several vintage backdrops around the Colonial Gaol – check it out

Fire Station

The old Guildford Fire Station with its red door is a popular photo location for weddings and tourists doing the Guildford heritage walk. Opposite the fire station are a row of character homes and fences under the shade of mature trees which are also a beautiful backdrop.

Fish Market Reserve

Fish Market Reserve is located around the Swan River boat ramp in Guildford. It has a mixture of photo back drops including grassy pasture, sandy beaches and riverside trees.

Guildford Grammar Chapel

The Guildford Grammar Chapel is available for ceremonies for couples with a relationship to the college. It is also a popular destination for couples wanting photos in the Plane Tree lined Terrace Avenue. Be aware that grounds people may move you on if you randomly enter the grounds for photos, however, the streetscape provides some great opportunities for talented photographers and you may still have the college buildings and chapel in the background.

jaguar wedding cars
Terrace Avenue in Guildford with our Jaguar Mk5 convertible

Guilford Hotel

The Guildford Hotel is the heart of historic Guildford. The long overdue restoration of the fire damaged hotel promises a new era of community service and another photographic icon for use in the Guildford townsite.

Kings Meadow

Kings Meadow is the site of the old Guildford race course. This beautiful parkland has a long section of river foreshore with easy access from the car park.

Lilac Hill riverside

The Swan River to the south of Lilac Hill has a grassy aspect to the water’s edge allowing for riverside photos without the red dusty clays evident in many river access locations.

Padbury Buildings

The Padbury Buildings are one of the oldest commercial structures still operating in Perth. The period shop fronts are a great opportunity to recreate vintage photography with classic wedding cars and bridal gowns.

Post Office

The Guildford Post Office is also a marvel of Federation architecture for a period backdrop for wedding photography.

Rose & Crown Hotel

The Rose & Crown Hotel is one of my personal favourite destinations. It also functions as a boutique wedding venue and will be available for photos if you are using the venue for your wedding or accommodation. Its popularity means that it is often surrounded by patrons’ cars and catching a vintage wedding photo featuring the buildings may be difficult on any given day but is worth the effort if you succeed.

rolls royce wedding car
The Rolls Royce Silver Wraith at a Rose & Crown wedding

Stirling Square

Stirling Square is a beautiful park at the centre of Guildford. Famed for its mature Sugar Gums and cottage gardens it is a popular photo stop for weddings heading into the Swan Valley from ceremonies at city locations. The grounds also house St Matthew’s Church and are opposite the Colonial Gaol precinct so a great range of photo backdrops can be found in a relatively small location.

Streetscapes and houses

Guildford id blessed with many of the original dwellings and tree lined streets formed in the 1800’s. Photographers find it easy to recreate vintage wedding photography in front of some of Perth’s oldest houses. You will find everything from grand homesteads to small timber workers’ cottages gracing the streets of Guildford.

St Charles’ Seminary

St Charles’ Seminary is still an active facility. The original buildings and tree lined drive offer a peaceful location for character photos. Be sure to have your photographer get prior permission from the seminary staff.

St Mary’s Church

Guilford’s Catholic Church sits on a barren acre of land and it somewhat less picturesque than the other churches in the town. Over the past year we have assisted at several weddings at the church and the redbrick exterior hides a simple but beautiful interior for your ceremony.

St Matthew’s Church

St Matthew’s Church in the middle of Stirling Square Guildford. The church has many ornate arched doorways and because it is shaded by many mature trees it is favoured by wedding photographers for afternoon photo sessions. Check with the church warden to ensure there will not be a wedding in progress at the church at the time you plan to visit the grounds.

Town Hall

The Guildford Town Hall precinct also houses the public library in the original Guildford Council House and the Garrick Theatre buildings which have interesting doorways and feature walls for your wedding photography.

Wesley Chapel

The Wesley Chapel is a small church on James Street near the Guildford Town Hall. The congregation are known for their singing. The old manse at the rear of the church grounds is very picturesque if you are looking for a unique photo location. Check with the church warden for access.

Woodbridge Hotel

A fantastic hotel for the vintage sign buff. The  interior of the pub is decorated with enamel signs from the past 100 years giving it a unique character. Enjoy a cold beer during you wedding photo session.

Woodbridge House

Woodbridge House is the original homestead of Charles Harper, a prominent businessman who also founded Guildford Grammar school. Harper acquired the estate of WA’s first Governor, Captain James Stirling who had significant land holdings in the Swan Valley. Remarkably it has been preserved with original furnishings and decorations as a museum for local history. The building and grounds are famous for period wedding photography. Booking the grounds for your photography is essential otherwise you can make the journey to the site to find if closed for another function which is frustrating. Weddings are also held at the Riverside Cafe at Woodbridge House.

jaguar mk5 wedding cars
Wedding photography at Woodbridge House

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