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Limousines in Hyde Park

Our Chrysler limousine visited Hyde Park during a recent wedding afternoon. The picturesque park is a favourite for many photographers. The variety of trees, sheltered walkways and water features offer so many great backgrounds.

chrysler limousine
Wedding day bridal party

Access to Hyde Park for wedding cars and limousines is rarely a problem using the service roads in the park. Rarely a ranger on duty might ask the group to move on if the park becomes busy with walkers but in most instances they are happy for the wedding cars to enter the park for delivering a bridal party to a wedding or during a photo session.

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The Chrysler limousine in Hyde Park

We recommend that you discuss the photo shoot with your photographer and approach the council for a permit or permission to sanction your visit and ensure you will not be competing with a fair or event at the park on your wedding day.

hyde park limousine
Beautiful Hyde Park has many sheltered walkways

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