Indiana Cottesloe Beach Limousine Access


Indiana Cottesloe Beach

Indiana (formally Tea House) at Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth’s most famous tourist restaurants. With sweeping views over Cottesloe Beach the building attracts a constant following from locals and tourists flocking to the beach.

convertible wedding cars
Our Jaguar convertible dropping off at Indiana at sunset

Current management have turned the venue into a favoured wedding reception location by night. Couples embrace the non-traditional layout of the venue in exchange for the beautiful views, great food and access to the beach for photos before the reception.

Ending your wedding day at sunset on Cottesloe Beach is a common wedding photograph stop. To then wander straight into your reception makes the beach side photo session more than a rushed stop.

As a reception venue, Indiana Tea House isn’t for everyone because it is divided into several levels and sections that facilitates a restaurant setting with ease. Check it out – for smaller wedding groups of couples who admire the beach view and a ‘sunset over the ocean’ start to their reception and the opportunity to sneak out for a break and enjoy the sea breeze Indian Tea House needs to be considered.

jaguar bridal car
Dropping of a wedding party at the Indiana Restaurant

Being on the Cottesloe beach front parking will be an issue for guests as they arrive. The beach crowd do not leave until after sunset. After dark the streets are deserted and you’ll feel like you have Cottesloe to yourselves.

Limousine access to the Indiana at Cottesloe Beach

Being located on the main road along Cottesloe Beach, Chrysler limousines and wedding cars can easily get to the Indiana Tea House. The issue at the venue is parking during the day time. The popularity of Cottesloe Beach means that parking is a premium and larger parking spaces required by Chrysler limousines and Hummers will be difficult to find.

convertible wedding cars
Driving through Cottesloe on a Saturday afternoon is very congested

Limousines usually drop off in the driveway entrance to the Indiana Tea House building or in the bus zone in front of the venue. Don’t expect the limos to wait around for very long in these locations because the Cottesloe Council parking inspectors are savage and have little respect for wedding transport – book ’em Danno!  Warn your guests – if they park outside a designated parking space or don’t pay the parking fee the parking rangers are vigilant and fines of $150 plus are common.

End of night get-aways

Planning your end of night get-away in a chauffeur car is always wise at the venue. Expect your chauffeur to park and wait in the small parking zone directly in front of the venue.

Your guests will appreciate you advising them to pre-book a chauffeur car if they are wanting a lift home following the wedding. Whilst taxis do frequent the area, with both the Ocean Beach and Cottesloe Beach hotels closing around the time weddings finish there is a large demand for a few taxis in the area which can lead to long delays.

luxury chauffeur cars
Our Caprice chauffeur car waiting road side in front of Indiana Restaurant

Contact information for Indiana

T   (08) 9385 5005

A  99 Marine Parade Cottesloe

W   Indiana