Irene’s Swan Valley Wine Tour

Irene organised a unique wine tour for her partner and his mates when they returned to Perth after weeks in the mines in the northwest. The day got off to a fun start with an early visit to Pinelli Winery before sampling a mix of wineries and breweries. Swan Valley tours can be flexible around the needs of a group of friends when you use Belle limos. The group chose to have lunch at Feral Brewery, one of several recommended locations.

Featured Venues

Duckstein Brewery

Feral Brewery

Ironbark Brewery

Jarrah Ridge Winery

Lancaster Winer

Oakover Winery

Pinelli Winery


Lincoln stretch limo in black

pinelli winery
An early morning wine at Pinelli’s Winery is a great start to the day.
swan valley limo tours
The new French restaurant at Pinelli Winery is well worth the visit.
swan valley limo tour
The group enjoyed the selection of olives and cheese at Jarrah Ridge Winery
limo tour swan valley
Enjoying the tasting at Oakover Winery

The produse was a favorite at Jarrah Ridge Winery


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