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Jaguar convertible

It seems everybody loves the Jaguar Mk5 convertibles. Correctly known as a Jaguar Mk5 Drop Head Coupe (DHC) which refers to the three positions the hood can be positioned at.

luxury bridal transport
Our Jaguar Mk5 convertible at a recent Swan Valley wedding

Manufactured in small numbers from September 1949 to early July 1951 the original convertibles have become a rare collectible car with less than 1000 made world wide (only 395 in RHD), there are probably less than 100 still in existence. Several Jaguar Mk5 sedans have been modified into convertibles in the eastern states for the wedding industry so it may seem there are more in existence than the number made may suggest.

convertible bridal car
Jaguar Mk5 convertibles are a fun wedding car

Jaguar convertible wedding cars

Whilst not for everybody, the Jaguar convertibles are great fun on a wedding day especially as a feature bridal car. Wedding photographers love the access they get to the bride and groom in the car and they produce some unique wedding photos with the convertibles.

convertible wedding cars
A beautiful Jaguar Mk5 convertible wedding portrait from A Woman’s Touch

On wedding day the convertibles usually drive to the ceremony with the top up in the closed position for a wind free journey. The convertibles have been air-conditioned so the cabin stays cool on the way to the ceremony. For brides arriving at a garden ceremony the chauffeur will stop a block before the entrance and put the roof down for a spectacular entrance to the wedding.

Most couples who hire the convertible choose to drive to photo sessions and the reception ‘top down’ and enjoy a unique experience of interaction with passers-by offering their congratulations and the fun of open air touring. Brides who chose the top down Jaguar for the afternoon often prepare their hair in braid style or loose hair that is easily brushed in at photo locations and prior to the reception. Of-course a scarf or veil is the traditional rear seat convertible head wear for women.

convertible wedding cars

Sunset tours

The Jaguar convertibles are also a popular choice for a romantic cruise at sunset on the way out to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or for a wedding proposal. Be aware that there is a good breeze in the rear when travelling top down so consider your partners hair sensitivity before booking the car or ask her to prepare with a more robust hair style or to bring a cap or scarf if they fancy.

jaguar mk5 convertible
A sunset tour on the way to a milestone birthday celebration

View our convertibles

You are welcome to visit and view our wedding cars prior to booking but it is not essential. Most clients know our cars from previous contact at friend’s wedding for instance and know the standard at which they are kept. Video clips of our cars are a good way to view the cars, please enjoy.

Convertible Swan Valley wine tours

Cruising the Swan Valley wineries in a classic chauffeured convertible is a wonderful experience. Commonly chosen by couples looking for a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary or guys wanting a memorable way to pop the question when proposing.

Luxury appointments

Jaguar continued their practice of finishing their cars with features typical of more expensive Rolls Royce and Bentley saloons whilst keeping the price affordable. Some of the special features include:

Three position drop head coupe

The convertible hood on original Jaguars can be positioned fully closed, fully opened or with the hood opened just over the driver allowing the rear passengers to experience open top driving without being buffeted by the rear seat airstream.

convertible wedding cars
Jaguar 2BELLE in the drop-head coupe position

Walnut burl timber finishing

Luxury cars of the day were finished with timber trim to the cabin. Jaguar fitted a full timber dash and door trims to the Mk5 range dressed in walnut and mahogany burl used by Rolls Royce coach-builders for their interiors. The colours vary from vehicle to vehicle from a light honey brown to a deep grained chocolate colours which gives every car an individual character.

Leather upholstery

The seats are made using steel spring bases covered with dense foam and leather finish for a super comfortable ride. It is more like sitting in your favourite sofa than on a firm modern car seat.

1951 Jaguar Mk5 drop head coupe

Jaguar 1BELLE has carried the number one plate since we started the business in 2007. It is an original Australian delivery car from new, built 2 May 1951 and despatched to Australia on 7 June 1951. It was imported and distributed by Brylaws Pty Ltd in Melbourne.

Being a mid 1951 Mk5 it is one of the last to be completed.

At over 60 years old the car has a remarkably short owners list, spending most of its life in Nowra on the south coast of New South Wales.

  • Terry Heatherington – Nowra NSW
  • Jim Redman – Sydney NSW
  • G & J Robertson – Tumbi Umbi NSW
  • Belle Classic Limousines – Perth WA

Jim Redman was a Sydney based wedding car provider who probably bought the convertible to restore for his business but sold it on to the Robertsons when a good offer came along. When purchased by John Robertson the Jaguar convertible was in poor non drivable condition but very original and it received a no expense spared restoration completed in 1990. He used the car for motor rallies driving through central NSW and the Snowy Mountains from 1991 – 2007.

1949 Jaguar Mk5 drop head coupe

Jaguar 2BELLE arrived with us two years later when the business was well established. It is an original Jaguar Mk5 convertible with a history in the Melbourne wedding car industry, but little known about its former history.

Known owners include:

  • Karl Lehman
  • Mario Caso
  • Belle Classic Limousines

Karl Lehman restored the Jaguar convertible in the early 1980s for his wedding limousine business in Melbourne. It was a thorough rebuild including hot dip galvanising of the chassis and a full rebuild of the engine which still purrs like a kitten (well Jaguar kitten at least).