Jaguar Mk5 Limousine


Jaguar Mk5 Limousine

The 1949 Jaguar Mk5 limo is the perfect addition to our Jaguar Mk5 range of wedding cars. The sleek styling and spacious rear cabin mean it is ideal as a stand-alone wedding limousine or to carry up to seven members of your wedding party in comfort.

The limousine is also popular for special occasion limo hire. Fitted with woodgrain bars and champagne flutes the passengers can enjoy the journey while sipping chilled champagne or their favourite tipple. Whilst six passengers can be seated comfortably in the rear it is absolute in relaxed luxury when transporting four passengers in the rear cabin.

Our Jaguar Mk5 limousine was built in Perth to the same high standards Jaguar employed when building the original cars in 1950.

Jaguar Mk5 limousine occasions

Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars

Our set of Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars are the only truely matched set in Perth. The Jaguar Mk5 limousine completes the vision giving couples the ability to transport up to 20 passengers in a matched set of classic wedding cars. Two convertibles, two sedans and the limousine all in ivory finish provide amazing flexibility for planning your wedding transport.

While it is noted that other businesses have started to copy our fleet of Jaguars be aware that some are a mix of ivory and pearl white cars which present quite differently in photographs. OK for a one vehicle wedding but the two colours or paint textures do clash in photos. Also our Jaguars have been maintained to a very high standard with the sedans and limousines being summer proof with upgrades cooling systems, modern engines and icy air-conditioning. It is worth asking potential suppliers about the fitment of air-conditioning there are providers in Perth who’s cars are not air-conditioned.

Perth wine tours

The Jaguar Mk5 limousine is a fun wine tour limo. The limousine is the centre of attention at all stops creating a sense of prestige and excitement.

Belle Classic Limousines is the leading supplier of limousine based Swan Valley wine tours. We are well regarded at all venues and know the winery owners personally in most instances. You can expect a fun day with friends enjoying a selections of the valley’s finest wineries, breweries or produce venues. We will also help structure a Bickly Valley wine tour on Sundays if you are looking for something different.

The limousine has a superb sound system which can play your own music via Bluetooth or a USB thumb-drive so you can spend the day with your favourite background music. The USB thumb-drive is often a preferable way to bring your music because it frees your phones for phone calls throughout the day.

School ball limousines

While trends for getting to a school ball change from year to year, vintage limousines will always be popular for students wanting a stylist entrance and something different to the crowd. Chrysler limousines were the tar several years ago, then Hummer limousines and now party busses have come to the fore because they transport a large group, but classic limousines are rare and are the choice of groups looking for a unique experience.

The Jaguar Mk5 limousine comes equipped with bars, ice and champagne flutes for some non-al bubbly on the way to the ball. A superior sound system will let you rock to your own music too. Bring your preferred selection of music on a USB thumb-drive for the easiest access, otherwise Bluetooth connection is also available for phones.

All school ball hire includes up to 1.5 hours on the way to the ball and a direct transfer to the home address or afters party when a return transfer is required.

Special occasion limo hire

Belle Classic Limousine love assisting with your special occasions The Jaguar Mk5 limousine is a superb limousine for anniversaries, proposals and mile-stone birthday celebrations for small groups or just a couple are involved. It is easy for small groups to feel a little lost in the space of the larger Chrysler limousines.

The two rows of facing seats in the rear of the Jaguar limo are ideal for groups of four or six passengers and also perfect for couples wanting the space of a limousine without the ’emptiness’ experienced by being only two in a ten passenger limousine

Jaguar Mk5 limousine features

Jaguar limousine styling

Our 1949 Jaguar Mk5 limousine is unique in both finish and build. Whilst there are three other stretched Jaguar limousines in Australia non have the finish and refinement and appointments of our Jaguar limousine.

When building the stretch limousine we decided to limit the size to six passengers to preserve the gracious curves that are synonymous with Jaguar styling. The roof line and side panels have been designed to compliment the limousine whilst retaining feel of a 1950’s vintage limousine.

Sleek appearance

The raking appearance reflecting the pouncing Jaguar emblem that first appeared on the Jaguar Mk5 range of limousines. If Jaguar had built a limousine version of this popular model, this would be it.

Leather upholstery and walnut burl timber finish

Ivory coloured leather upholstery is the benchmark for our selection of wedding cars complimented by brown carpet and walnut burl woodgrain interior finish.

Whitewall tyres

Like all of our classic wedding cars the Jaguar limousines has whitewall radial tyres for a super smooth ride and refined vintage limousine appearance.

Rear wheel spats

Jaguar styling included full rear wheel spats for several years starting in 1948 with the Jaguar Mk5 range and continuing through the XK120 sports cars and Jaguar Mk7 range of saloons. The 1959 Jaguar Mk1 saloon was the last model Jaguar to feature rear wheel spats.

Jaguar Mk5 limousine

white limo for weddings
The high quality finish of the limousine

Mechanically the Jaguar Mk5 limo is a hybrid car designed for a smooth ride and to be reliable and easily serviced in our West Australian summer conditions. For those interested in the under-bonnet story here it is.


The chassis is a new build to duplicate the original specifications with superior strength required for the extra passenger weight and higher powered engine. It has been fabricated to fit standard Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 suspension and brakes which are engineered to support the Jaguar V12 racing engine. The Jaguar XJ6 suspension is renowned for its smooth ride and low-to-the-road footprint which gives the limousine its sleek appearance.

Engine and transmission

Surprising for many we chose the Holden 3.8 L V6 and automatic transmission to power the limousine. The shorter V6 engine is a perfect fit into the narrow engine bay of the Jaguar Mk5 and the reliability and smooth running or the torquey engine / transmission combination are exceptional. More importantly parts to service and maintain the limousine are readily available so you can rely on the limousine being available for your booking.


Along with all other components of the limousine (apart from the donor car body which was fully restored) the electrical system is all new incorporating subtle limousine lighting which compliments the period fittings.


The Jaguar Mk5 limousine is fitted with dual air-conditioning to ensure your comfort in Perth summers.

Building the Jaguar limousine

Ready for the final coat in the paint shop

The construction of the Jaguar Mk5 limo was undertaken in Perth using quality automotive trades. It ended up being a slow process due to the need to change from a few suppliers who would not completely finish their section of the project (mainly due to greed during the boom period in Perth when they took on other work regardless of their earlier commitment). Finding suppliers willing to finish off someone else’s work proved difficult as coach building (custom body construction for vintage cars) is a not a common skill in Perth at the moment.