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Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars

The unique styling of the Jaguar Mk5 has made it one of Australia’s most popular wedding cars. The beautiful Art Deco curved lines, long sweeping running boards and full rear wheel spats (covers) are typical of the 1930 – 40s and give the Jaguar a vintage look even though it is a much newer car.

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Our Jaguar Mk5 bridal car in the Swan Valley

Built between 1948 – 1951 the Jaguar Mk5 was a transition car built in the 1930s pre-World War II style on a more modern chassis that was developed for the amazing Jaguar XK120 sports cars built throughout the 1950’s. The Jaguar Mk5 sedans came with leather interiors with walnut burl timber coachwork that highlights the period charm and made the Jaguar a serious contender for the luxury British car market at a very reasonable price of just under £1200 which was less than a third of the price of a Rolls Royce or Bentley at the time which sold for over £4000.

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Jaguar Mk5 saloons were styled as a much sportier car than either the Bentley or Rolls Royce of the time giving them a much sleeker look in photographs. They do appear to have slightly less head room but are comparable in other dimensions such as seat width and a surprising amount of leg room due to the deep seating position. The full rear wheel spats (or fender skirts) are a unique feature introduced on this model Jaguar as a standard fitting and adds to the wedding car appeal.

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The beautiful Jaguar Mk5 saloon and coupe at a Hyde Park wedding

The Jaguar Mk5 saloons are a four passenger plus the driver sedan. Whilst four passengers is fine for a wedding party use we do recommend that you limit them to three passengers when used as a bridal car. The Jaguars mix and match well with other British classic cars such as Rolls Royce limousines as well as modern Chrysler limos to obtain the correct number of seats for your wedding party or to build a different set of cars to those that may have been used at a friend’s wedding.

Jaguar Mk5 sedan special occasion hire

Perth’s favourite wedding cars

As noted above, weddings are the core occupation for our Jaguar Mk5 sedans today. They are the most economical wedding transport for couples seeking a classic wedding car experience.

The Jaguar Mk5 sedans have deep seats to accommodate four passengers with comfort and they have plenty of leg room to fit the largest bridal gowns with ease. The Jaguar Mk5 sedans mix and match well with other classic cars and modern limousines. They may be used as a feature bridal car followed by a Rolls Royce or Chrysler limousine.

jaguar mk5 bridal cars
Beautiful wedding photography at Caversham House

They are also used as transport for a wedding party when two Jaguar Mk5 sedans may follow a Jaguar convertible or Rolls Royce bridal car. The choice is yours.

The Jaguar Mk5s complement modern Chrysler limousines so well because they both have high wheel arches, a large grill, high side lines and a relatively narrow window height. Belle Classic limousines are all ivory in colour so they mix and match with each other in any combination. Also we have avoided the clash of modern ‘pearl white’ sparkly paint with the solid ivory and black colours used on vintage cars. All of our cars are painted with the traditional Old English White or solid black paint for a correct period appearance.

Small group wine tours

The Jaguar sedans and convertibles are popular with couples or a small group of friends planning a Perth wine tour of the Swan Valley or Bickley Valley and looking for a unique experience by using a vintage sedan. Sample great wines, share a long lunch and have a memorable day you will recall well into the future.

Follow the link for more details about planning a Swan Valley wine tour.

vintage wine tour
Our Jaguar Mk5 convertible at jane Brook Winery

School ball transfers

The Jaguar Mk5 sedans are an excellent school ball limousine for a couple or group of four friends. Whilst they will be a little more expensive per person, they make a different statement to stretch limos and are comfortable for the late night return from the ball.

Follow the link for more information about planning school ball limo hire.

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The classic Jaguars make a great entry statement for school ball couples

Anniversary transfers

Wedding anniversaries are a popular time for unleashing the romantic side to your personality. It is surprisingly affordable to add some classic elegance to a night out at your favourite restaurant by having a Jaguar tour on the way to dinner. Our sunset tours are a popular pre-dinner outing, either taking in coastal or Swan River vistas and a photo stop along the way.

Birthday transfers

The classic Jaguars are a favourite birthday present for parents and grandparents alike.

Marriage proposals

The Jaguar sedans and convertibles are a popular choice for getting to a romantic dinner for your wedding proposal. If you are in the early stages of planning a romantic proposal you may be interested in our expanded article on proposals in Perth.

Concert transfers

The jaguar Mk5 sedans are a popular form of transport for getting to and from Swan valley concert venues such as Sandalford Winery and Belvoir Amphitheatre.

The exciting Jaguar Mk5 saloon

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Jaguar Mk5 Saloons


Jaguar Mk5 saloons are licensed for four passengers plus the chauffeur. Belle Classic Limousines recommends a maximum of three passengers when the car is used to transport a bride. Having said this many brides choose to use the cars for four passengers including the bride.

For all other occasions the Jaguars have ample space for for average sized passengers including a mix of guys and girls. You may wish to reconsider your seating allocations if your group contains more than one very tall or stout guest.

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Three bridesmaids sharing the rear seat of a Jaguar wedding car


Jaguar Mk5 sedans are an economical classic car for weddings and short hire booking from as little as $220 per hour for short hire and $150 per hour as part of an afternoon wedding booking. We will meet or beat any written quote for Swan Valley and Perth city wedding car hire for like vehicles.

Inquiring about or booking a Jaguar Mk5

Linking to the following forms is the best for booking or inquiring about Jaguar Mk5 hire for your special occasion or the quick Contact below is easy on mobile devices.

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Belle’s Jaguar Mk5 modifications

All of our Jaguar Mk5 saloons retain the luxury period appointments included in the model by Jaguar, however, we have addressed several mechanical issues the older Jaguars experienced to make them super reliable hire cars that are able to operate throughout the hotter Perth summer.

Interior appointments

Leather upholstery

The Jaguars are upholstered in light cream leather to the seats and door trims with complementary head-lining and carpets.

Walnut burl timber interior coachwork

The timber fitments to the inside of the cabin are in original condition.


The Jaguar Mk5 sedans are fully air-conditioned.


The Jaguar wedding cars are fitted with modern music systems with CD player, USB and iPod connectivity.

Mechanical upgrades


Our Jaguar saloons have been upgraded to a modern Holden engine and automatic transmission which is easier to service and maintain a parts inventory to keep the cars running reliably.


The engine update has allowed us to modify the cooling system to incorporate a modern pressurised radiator which easily handles the Perth summers. Only Belle’s Jaguar Mk5 sedans have this important upgrade.

Fuel pumps

One oddity is the use of a super reliable fuel pump which makes a peculiar clacking sound as it works, especially at start up of the engine. If it is something that you notice be reassured that they are the most reliable electric fuel pump available for the cars.

Spare parts

Belle has the largest collection of Jaguar Mk5 spare parts in Western Australia including spare reconditioned engines and transmissions for both our original Jaguar Mk5 convertibles and the upgraded Jaguar Mk5 saloons. We aim to keep our cars in service.

Jaguar Mk5 style guide

Whilst the new Jaguar Mk5 introduced in 1948 retained many of the features of the pre-war cars it superceded, four added features set the style guide for Jaguar for the following thirty years.

Double ribbed bumper bars

The complex double ribbed bumpers on the Jaguar Mk5 are difficult to maintain and repair however they were a unique style feature of the model which continued through the 1960s in the form of a single bumper displaying the double ribbed form.

Curved rear quarter windows

The complex curve of the Jaguar rear quarter window remained the styling cue for Jaguar saloon cars through to the 1980s. One of the features that helps you recognise a car as a Jaguar that you may never consciously be aware of.

The leaping Jaguar

The leaping Jaguar mascot was introduced as an option on the Jaguar Mk5 and quickly became the status symbol of the brand and is still the branding icon of Jaguars produced today.

jaguar bonnet mascot
The pouncing Jaguar mascot continues to define the brand today

Off-set fog lights

Other style features that have made the Jaguar Mk5 a popular bridal car and stand-out collectable classic car

Sweeping running boards

The sweeping running boards on the jaguar are a throw back to the 1920 – 30s. The Jaguar Mk5 was one of the last production cars made that featured the vintage look side step.

bridal car hire
The sweeping running boards create a vintage look on the Jaguar Mk5

Rear wheel spats

The full rear wheel spats or fender skirts were standard on the Jaguar Mk5 giving the car a unique appearance compared to most other cars and creating the ‘princess’ look which is popular on wedding cars.

wedding cars perth
The full rear wheel spat became a Jaguar feature throughout the 1950s

Large grill with vertical flutes

The large vertical fluted grill remained almost unchanged from the pre-war 1930s SS saloons.

Walnut burl dash and timber trim to the cabin

The ornate timber finish included in the Jaguar Mk5 saloons was a benchmark for luxury cars throughout the 1950-70s when most manufactures moved to the cheaper steel dash instead of a ‘dash board’. Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls Royce continued using a timber dash insert through to the 1990s creating an ‘old world’ very British feel to the interior of their limousines.

The birth of a luxury sports saloon

The Jaguar Mk5 was the first step by Jaguar to introduce a luxury sports saloon to their range of vehicles. The wider bodied Mk5s were made in small numbers and retained many features of the Mk4 saloons they replaced while paving the way ahead for the new engines and sports cars which would follow.

The engineers at Jaguar had developed and introduced the new wishbone suspension chassis to the Jaguar platform in preparation for the revolutionary XK120 sports cars and Jaguar M7 saloons that would establish Jaguar as a world leading car maker.

classic wedding car hire
The sporty Jaguar Mk5 saloon is a popular wedding car in Perth

The all steel body was strong and rigid which gave a smooth ride and led to a durable car capable of dealing with the road conditions of the 1950s which were mostly gravel outside of the major cities in Australia.

Over 10,000 Mk5 saloons were built which outsold the XK120 sports cars by 10:1. The Jaguar Mk5 retained the reliable 3.5 litre six cylinder engine that powered the SS sports cars before the war.

Jaguar also built a small number of convertibles in 1950-51 based on the full bodied saloon. Interestingly they were the last full body convertible ever built by the company that was synonymous with convertible sports cars.

classic chauffeur service
The Jaguar convertible and sedan is a popular wedding combination

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