Jonny’s Limo to the Arctic Monkeys

Jonny organised a limo for his friends to get to Belvoir Amphitheatre and back in style. Chauffeur John liked to music he bought a CD himself. Getting home from a Belvoir concert can be painful with traffic jams, booze buses and no hope of a taxi – concert goers have been known to be trying to hitch a lift on the Great Northern Highway three hours after a concert.

Organise your limo early from as little as $60 a head, and like Jonny and his mates you can drink champagne on the way to Belvoir and a night-cap on the way home.

Featured Limousine

Lincoln Executive Town Car Limo

belvoir concert limousine hire
Jonny and his friends being picked up in Scarborough
perth limousines
and enjoying the arrival at Belvoir Amphitheatre

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