King Street Perth Limo Access


King Street & Wolf Lane

King Street in Perth has become the ‘king of streets’ over the last few years. Transformed from a little used ‘laneway’ into the premier shopping strip in Perth city, King Street houses some of the world’s most popular brand names including Tiffany, Channel, Georg Jenson and Louis Vuitton.

rolls royce wedding car
Our Rolls Royce Cloud bridal car featuring in a classic King Street wedding photo

Because of its strong links to fashion and luxury brands, King Street has also become a favourite stop for wedding photography. It offers up-market shop fronts as a backdrop as well as a collection of funky lane-ways (Wolf Lane and Munster Lane) and many colourful artworks among the shop backs and garage doors in the nearby precinct.

wolf lane street art
The street art in Wolf Lane is a popular photo destination

Despite all the great locations around King Street my favourite picture is still in front of Tiffany & Co.

luxury wedding cars
The Jaguar convertible outside Tiffanys

Limousine access

On a Saturday afternoon during wedding season it is not uncommon for a line-up of several limos, Chryslers and various classic wedding cars such as our Jaguar Mk5s and Rolls Royce limousines negotiating the narrow street for a parking spot or path through the traffic. The following Saturday a wedding party may have King Street to themselves, it is really quite random.

limo hire
Parking is often difficult for Chrysler limousines in King Street

At Belle Classic Limousines we recommend an approach into King Street from Adelaide Terrace. That gives a block to assess the congestion and hopefully avoid getting stuck in a gridlock for half an hour. If King Street is hectic we will let you out at the corner of Hay Street so you can take wedding party photos in King Street and the adjacent lane-ways. The limos will do a loop of Perth and approach again in about 15 minutes which is usually enough time for other groups to have moved on. The cars will usually have a parking spot along King Street by the time you finish other photos and can be used in photographs for the last five minutes on location.

rolls royce wraith wedding car
The Rolls Royce Wraith is a perfect fit with the King Street architecture

King Street does have restricted parking places and being so narrow double parking is not an option as it quickly forms a grid-lock. Couples who plan to use the King Street area for photos are wise to allow time for use of a nearby venue as well in order to circle past the location and return 15 – 20 minutes later if necessary.

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Location map for King Street and the surrounding lane-ways