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Acqua Viva Reception Centre

Jo Jo’s Restaurant is one of Belle Classic Limousines’ favourite dining experiences. Perched on a jetty at the end of the Boulevard in Nedlands. There is no better way to spend a long lunch than to cruise in a Jaguar convertible to the car park next to Jo Jo’s mid-week without the hustle of weekend merrymakers.

rolls royce limousine
The Rolls Royce Wraith dropping off at the end of the JoJos Restaurant jetty

Acqua Viva is the function centre managed by the restaurant. It throws the same hospitality and joyful atmosphere into wedding receptions and corporate functions as experienced in the restaurant.

The peaceful sound of water lapping against the piers and the sight of sailing boats on the Swan River creates a special ambiance for any occasion.

perth wedding reception
Dropping a bride and groom to their wedding reception at Acqua Viva

Limousine access to Jo Jo’s Restaurant and Acqua Viva

Jo Jo’s Restaurant is accessed from the jetty at the end of the car park whilst Acqua Viva also has a separate jetty entrance accessed from the path across the grassed foreshore. Smaller chauffeur cars and wedding cars and the Rolls Royce limousines can easily drop off and turn around at the jetty end of the car park in most conditions.

jaguar wedding car hire
The Jaguar wedding cars easily drop-off at the jetty

Larger Chrysler and Hummer limos struggle to access the water end of the car park when the area is busy and especially at night with limited light to negotiate reversing out of the car park. In such cases expect that stretch limos will drop you off near the city end of the car park leaving about 100m walk to the jetty to enter the venue.

rolls royce limousines
Larger limousines need to reverse out of the congested car park which is dangerous at night

There is always something special about riverside reception venues. I’m not sure if it is the peacefulness of the water lapping against the banks of the river, the atmosphere of the venues themselves or the openness of the sounding parkland settings.

aqua viva reception centre
Jo Jos and Aqua Viva Reception Centre on the Swan River

Jo Jo’s Restaurant and Acqua Viva contact details

Jo Jo’s Restaurant

T   (08) 9386 8757

Acqua Viva

T   (08) 9386 7711

A   Broadway (River End) (JoJo’s Jetty) Nedlands

W  Jo Jo’s Restaurant

Wedding car hire

Your wedding cars and limousines will drop-off at the start of the jetty at the end of the car park. If you are using a stretch limousine after dark your limousine driver will assess the car park to determine safe accessibility. There is no turning option at the end of the car park for long limos and it may not be safe to reverse a limousine out of a congested car park with limited visibility at night. Your driver may ask a member of your party to guide him as the limo is reversed through the car park or alternatively drop-off at the top of the car park.

If you are after special drop-off photography or special end-of-night get-away photos like the one below let your driver know how you would like the car positioned to feature in the shot.

jaguar wedding car hire
Beautiful night time photography at Acqua Viva with the Jaguar convertible

It is best to use the links to the following following forms to inquire about or book your wedding cars or limousines. We also offer a no obligation information service about the best transport options for your wedding.

wedding inquiry form

limousine booking form

Acqua Viva and Jo Jos Restaurant

Drop-off and pick-up for both venues is at the jetty end of the car park at the end of The Broadway in Nedlands. Jo Jo’s Restaurant patrons use the jetty at the end of the car park and Acqua Viva guests and wedding parties us the access jetty a short walk toward the west of the old boat-shed which houses the venues.

There is limited turning space at the jetty end of the car park (especially when the car park is full) requiring a three point turn for regular cars and leaving no turning possibility for stretch limousines like Chrysler limos. The limousines will need to reverse out of the car park requiring a lot of caution when entering the road intersection at the round-about.

swan river wedding venues
Beautiful wedding photography on the Jo Jo’s jetty

Night time transfers

For end of night transfers and drop-offs at the venue after dark it may not be safe for the stretch limousines to reverse out of the car-park unsupervised with limited visibility and a lot of potential pedestrian and vehicle movement. It is recommended that drivers reverse into the car-park and request one of the clients walk beside the limo to supervise as you reverse to the jetty.

The limousine can then be safely driven directly out from the car-park into The Broadway.

Acqua Viva Reception Centre

Guest parking at Acqua Viva on wedding nights is fairly limited compared to the number of guests at the wedding and the car-park is shared by the Nedlands Rugby Club which is adjacent to the car-park.

As noted in the discussion of limousine and wedding car access to the venue, there is very limited turning space at the end of the car park. This is greatly compounded if one or two guests park outside the designated parking bays to save a walk from the Esplanade which is the nearest street side parking.

A good strategy is to request your guests not to park illegally in the parking lot because the local parking inspectors are savage and dish out hefty infringements on wedding nights.

End of night get-aways

Taxis are plentiful in the near city locations and most guest who choose not to drive will probably choose a taxi or short call Uber car for their end of night ride home.

Unfortunately up to twenty Perth city based wedding venues and many hotels and people ending a night out are seeking rides at around the same time so supply can become limited and we often see groups of guests standing around competing for taxis that do arrive.

Late night chauffeur cars

Although Acqua Viva is a city based reception centre, expecting twenty or more taxis to arrive for guests around midnight is a bit of fantasy. We often find a large group of wedding guests waiting impatiently at the end of the jetty when we arrive to collect the couple for their end of night get-away to a hotel.

Taxis and Uber cars

Whether you are thinking taxis or Uber cars will be plentiful, all short call services are stretched to the limit between 11.00pm and 12.30 am at the end of a Friday or Saturday night. Most hotels close, shows and concerts finish, people head for home after a night out and of-course weddings also finish in this time frame and the demand for short call services quickly out paces the supply.

It is good advice to recommend to your guests to pre-book a chauffeur car before the evening if they want to be collected from Acqua Viva at the end of your wedding. More significantly it is wise for the couple to have organised their transport from the venue to their end of wedding night destination.

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