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Peel Manor House weddings

Peel Manor House in Karnup is a popular reception venue in the southern suburbs of Perth. It is ideal for couples living south of the river through to Mandurah looking for a location half way between Mandurah and Perth so guests from either location have about the same driving requirement. The staff are accommodating to many formats of reception with ceremony  locations on the grounds as well. It is one of the rare venues that also has accommodation on site so there is a lot of planning flexibility to suit the needs of couples.

convertible wedding car hire
Our Jaguar Mk5 convertible at the gates of Peel Manor House

The picturesque grounds are reminiscent of an English rural manor house and feature a long winding tree lined drive that offers glimpses of the manor building at the top of the hill. The drive finishes at a raised circular water feature adjacent to the main entrance.

Wedding limousine access at Peel Manor House

In fitting with the design of an old manor house the main drive off Fletcher Road and especially the turn around the water feature at the entrance to the building were designed before larger stretched limousines had entered the wedding transport scene.

The long narrow tree lined one lane entry is perfect for the setting but has limited passing if a car is leaving as a limo arrives. One of the vehicles will need to back out the drive or climb the embankment to let the other pass.

rolls royce wedding cars
The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is the perfect choice for a manor house wedding

The entrance drive and turn around was obviously planned with the idea of brides arriving in opulent Rolls Royce bridal cars and shorter limousines, not the new super stretches.

The owners of Peel manor House have since modified the parking near the entrance to create a larger turning circle around the water feature to accommodate Chrysler limos so they can negotiate the entry without a three or more point turn. If you are intending to arrive after your guests in a Chrysler limo it will be necessary to ensure there is room for the limo to turn around the drive to leave.

white chrysler limousines
Chrysler limousines can now negotiate the entry drive with ease

Hummer limos will need to use the alternative entrance (past the main entrance) and drop off on the lawns adjacent to the manor house entrance.

Peel Manor House guest parking

Unlike many city locations guest parking at Peel Manor House is plentiful and free. Guests usually park on the lawn to the south of the manor house.

It is useful to advise guests not to park in the main entrance turning circle so that your wedding transport has easy thoroughfare. It is a frustrating start to the ceremony if the wedding car drivers need to go looking for the owners of cars to be moved before you can make your entrance.

If you have a large wedding guest list that are likely to drive to the venue it may be worth discussing with the staff who should coordinate parking in the unmarked field.

End of wedding chauffeur service

Many couples take advantage of the accommodation at the venue and finish the evening by scaling the grand staircase to the bridal suite. Other couples prefer to leave the on-site accommodation for their guests and make a traditional exit to a city hotel to spend their wedding night.

Whether it is the newlyweds or guests, getting short call end of night transport at Peel manor House can be difficult. It is always advisable to pre-book your end of night transport from the venue. One of the benefits of using the venue is its beautiful country atmosphere. The ‘isolation’ also means it is not close to regular taxi or Uber hotspots.

Chauffeur cars

Belle Classic Limousines use Caprice chauffeur cars for end of night transfers from Peel manor House. We limit the number of end of night services to five vehicles so if you are wanting a continuation of wedding car service through to the end of night it is advisable to book the chauffeur car at the time of booking your wedding transport.

Taxis and Uber

Short call taxi and Uber services tend to hang out where the work is. Perth city, Perth airport and to a lesser extent maybe a few in the Rockingham area. Common to all these services is the peak evening demand occurs between 11.00pm – 1.00am when hotels, restaurants, weddings and other functions  wind up for the night. Available cars are quickly occupied by the closest groups looking for transport and Peel Manor House is unlikely to be a priority for these drivers. We see lots of wedding guests waiting at venues for long periods after the reception is over (and often after the venue has closed for the night). It is always thoughtful to advise guests to pre-book their end of night transport too, especially at Peel Manor House.

Peel Manor House contact information

T   (08) 9524 2838

A   164 Fletcher Road Karnup

W   Peel Manor House

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