Limo Access to the Hyatt Regency Hotel Perth


Hyatt Regency Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Perth has an awesome internal design giving the hotel a sense of spaciousness and privacy to all rooms. The foyer leads to a grand ball room, bars and restaurants. The complex also features some of Perth’s finest restaurants overlooking the Swan River at the Terrace Road end.

jaguar wedding cars
Our Jaguar Mk5 sedan at a wedding pick-up at the Hyatt Hotel

The Hyatt is one of Perth’s favourite school ball venues and is also popular for corporate functions and weddings.

Limousine access to the Hyatt

The hotel main entrance is off Adelaide Terrace heading west near the corner of Plain Street. The foyer set-done zone is accessed by a steep ramp rising several metres and then returning to the road level after the foyer level. Whilst it is two lanes wide access is often restricted by cars parked along the ramp (especially the exit ramp), where there is also a sharp turn back onto Adelaide Terrace.

rolls royce limousines
Our Rolls Royce limos easily handle the steep entry drive to the Hyatt Hotel

The access ramp way is kept moving by attentive doormen and presents no problem for chauffeur cars and small limousines like the Belle Classic Rolls Royce limos. Larger stretched Chrysler limousines and Hummers cannot negotiate the off ramp at the Hyatt and passengers need to be dropped at the street level below the foyer. Chrysler limos bottom out when leaving the set-down area onto the descent ramp and Hummers struggle with the exit turn especially if cars are parked on the ramp.

There is an access elevator from the street level entrance but it is often closed between 10.00 and 11.00pm so cannot be used for late night drop-offs or pick-ups and guests will need to use the stairs for access to the foyer. The stairway climb is equivalent to about two level building height which is a task for the elderly or a bridal party in high heels.

white chrysler limos
Our Chrysler limousines drop-off at the street side entrance elevator


We recommend that couples using the Hyatt for their wedding limit their vehicle selection to classic wedding cars like the Rolls Royce Cloud or Wraith and use the Rolls Royce Spirit limos for the wedding party if they wish to make use of the foyer pick-up zone. Otherwise you will need to take the lift to the street level for easier access to a stretch limo which can usually park in from of the street level elevator entrance.

Late night get-away drop-offs back to the Hyatt are best in a Caprice chauffeur car or a Rolls Royce limo to avoid climbing the stairways in your high heels and wedding dress.

School balls

Students usually choose stretch limousines to enjoy the light show and music provided in modern Chrysler limos so accept the street side drop-off without a problem. After school balls the limos may be parked up to a block from the Hyatt waiting for the students to emerge. It is advisable that a couple of students have the contact details for the limo driver so they can coordinate the pick up location if necessary.

Airport transfers

Clients needing airport transfers to or from the Hyatt are advised to select suitable smaller vehicles or minibuses that can negotiate the ramp way to the foyer. Luggage transfer can then be assisted by the concierge directly to your room.

belle limousines
Our Caprice chauffeur car at a Hyatt Hotel pick-up

Underground Car Park

The Hyatt underground car park is a rabbit warren of narrow drive lanes, tight corners and awkward parking bays and is not suitable for any stretched limos. The complex layout of the car park make it a place to avoid meeting a charter vehicle. If you organised a hire car and have luggage to pick-up or deliver to a vehicle in the car park it is better to bring the luggage to a suitable set-down zone instead hoping to get the SCV to meet you in the car park.

Contact details for the Hyatt Regency Hotel

T   (08) 9225 1234

A   99 Adelaide Terrace Perth

W   Hyatt Regency Hotel Perth