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Belle Classic limousines is a family run business specialising in a great range of classic wedding cars including Jaguar , Rolls Royce and an REO SpeedWagon limousine plus modern Chrysler and Rolls Royce limousines for special occasions. Browse the website to find useful information to help make planning your event and selecting your limo a simple process.

wedding limousines
Our REO SpeedWagon limousine on a wedding shoot in the Swan Valley

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Beautiful limousines – friendly service – great value

rolls royce wedding car
Our stunning Rolls Royce Wraith at a Brookside Winery wedding

Hiring a limousine in Perth

Finding the best limo for your occasion can be either easy or complicated, depending upon your approach. Driving through Perth on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it is easy to see a great variety of limousines cruising the streets – literally there are a hundreds of limousines to choose from in Perth.

For this reason, most people expect that it will always be easy to hire a limo for a great night out. Surprisingly many couples also apply this logic to hiring wedding transport. We get many inquiries for Saturday wedding car hire a few weeks before the wedding date. The reality is that many Saturdays we are fully booked up to six months in advance for wedding limousine hire which also restricts our ability to assist with casual short call limousine charters.

Two strategies are prevalent for securing quality limousine service at a cheap rate for your events:

The easy

Choose a reputable limousine business like Belle Classic Limousines and follow the steps below. Did you know we offer early-bird specials for all mid-week and Sunday wedding bookings and lock in the price at the current rate even if your wedding is eighteen months away.

The not-so-easy

A common strategy is to wait until a night or two before an event and ring around for the best price going. This certainly works mid-week on off-peak nights when supply is much greater than the demand for limo hire and there is often some really cheap limo hire rates possible. If we have limos available we will give great discounts for last-minute limo hire bookings.

On many weekends, however, this strategy meant to secure a cheap last-minute limo special price backfires and instead leads to ringing ten or more businesses to discover that a suitable luxury limousine is no longer available (you could be left with a lemon). During the concert season in Perth (from October through to May) it is common for several events to be on Friday and Saturday nights on top of wedding transport hire meaning demand outstrips supply for the better limousine businesses.

The end result is you get what you pay for – a really cheap old limo or even worse the endless wait in the taxi rank or the scary late night train service. Frustrating and guaranteed to make you wish you had spent the extra few dollars by booking early.

Four tips for limo hire in Perth

Book your limo early for peak days

On peak days and nights in Perth there is a greater limo demand than supply. On peak days the cheapest limo hire is achieved by people who book early. Peak days are not really too hard to pick:

  • Friday and Saturday afternoons and nights are always busy during wedding season from September through to May the next year.
  • Concerts at Perth Arena and big events like Spring in the Valley often fall on wedding days increasing the competition for limos. Organising your group of friends and booking your limo early is the key to securing a limo – sometimes the cheapest price is the base hire cost for the day. Belle Classic applies its base hire price 365 days a year. Some other businesses will add 50% to the base price when quoting if they know Lady Ga Ga is in town that night – you get the picture but not necessarily a great price.
  • School Ball season is busiest from February through to July on Friday and Saturday nights. When two School Balls are held on the same night the students can book out 20 – 40 limos for the night. School ball limos book at a higher price than standard charters so expect to match that rate to secure a limo on school ball nights. The higher rate is not exploiting school students – the limo hire is usually well over the typical hour hire before and after the ball and factors the true hire time into the price.
  • Corporate Ball and Christmas work functions increase the demand for limousine hire from October through to January each year.
chrysler limousine hire
Our white Chrysler limo at Sittella Winery on a Swan Valley wine tour

Identify a great limo business

Find a top limo business and build a relationship – somebody you can trust to give you a fair deal every call. Check out our reviews on Easy Weddings, Facebook, Google+ and Yelp. You can book Belle Classic with confidence.

A good limo provider will have a range of limos to hire to suit different occasions and be small enough that they remember your name after a few hires. Belle Classic Limousines rewards repeat clients with preferential hire rates from the first call with the same great service. The Belle Classic limousine network of friends means that, even when they are fully booked, they can often secure you a limo or recommend another reliable limo supplier to save you the ring around.

jaguar wedding cars
Our Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars at a wedding in Hyde Park north of Perth

Understand the traps

There are many pitfalls to be aware of, here are a few common limo traps:

  • Credit card deposit? Some business will be pushy and insist on an immediate credit card deposit (which in many cases can be up to 50% or more of the booking fee and non-refundable) and for a few widely advertised businesses will kick over to a full payment obligation from your credit card up to ninety days before the event with a no refund cancellation clause. Read the small print in the booking agreements before you hand over your credit card details. One business in particular will hassle you to ‘sign up now’ with a credit card deposit to ensure a discount – when you get receipt of the booking and payment the terms and conditions state that by paying the deposit you have agreed to the terms and conditions (before you have even seen them). One ‘hidden’ term is a $125 for 15 minutes overtime clause which quickly erodes the discount, another is the non-refundable final payment from your credit card months in advance of the booking.
  • A too good to be true hire. If you secure a long range one hour hire for a wedding limo (on a Saturday afternoon in April for instance) be prepared for disappointment. A few businesses will take the first booking they can get for a date regardless of how good the deal needs to be. They then up sell that time to the next inquiry and pass over the original booking as ‘double booked… I’m sorry’.
  • School ball blues. School Ball pick-ups are usually around 6.00pm for a 7.00pm drop-off at the venue. Many businesses will take a School Ball booking with a 6.oopm pick-up knowing they have a prior wedding booking that drops off at 6.30pm. One or both clients will be left disappointed. Ask your supplier what prior booking your limo has on the day.
  • Vague booking requirements. If you simply need to give your name, a pick-up time and address, and destination for a booking be wary. It may seem simple but a lack of information when the booking is made can lead to a major dispute about the discussed terms of the hire. Some businesses exploit this to leave wedding bookings an hour early to do a school ball in the evening. Ensure you give and retain a copy of the agreed hire with the end of hire time at drop-off clearly noted.

Avoid the traps

Belle Classic Limousines provides a great limo hiring experience from start to finish.

  • You are given our terms and conditions before you book (they are printed on the booking sheet with the base price scheduling).
  • Our friendly staff will happily discuss your hire needs without the high pressure ‘book now’ attitude.
  • The booking fee / deposit to hire is a low $200 per car.
  • Bookings are transferable if you need to change the hire date (dependent upon the same car being available on the new date).
  • Overtime rates are a low $60 – 90 per half hour depending upon the limo chosen and availability. Not the $500 per hour charged elsewhere.
  • Our chauffeurs are friendly, courteous, well suited for your occasion and service oriented.
rolls royce chauffeur cars
Our classic Rolls Royce Cloud assisting with a special night out in Perth

Highly recommended

We, John and Sue the owners of Belle Classic, are especially pleased to have become recommended suppliers to many of Perth’s leading wedding reception venues including:

Ascot Quays Hotel, Bathers Beach HouseBelvoir Homestead, Brookleigh Estate, Burswood on Swan, Carilley EstateCaversham House, Joondalup Resort, Mandoon EstateMosmans Restaurant, Mulberry on Swan, Novotel Langley Hotel, Pagoda Resort and Spa, Parmelia Hilton Perth, Rose and Crown Hotel GuildfordSandalford Winery, Sittella Winery

… and our valued clients who contribute to the regular supply of positive letters, cards, reviews and emails of thanks we receive each year, many of which are on our testimonials page and client feedback page.

vintage wedding car hire
Whatever your needs and style we have range of beautiful cars to assist