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Swan Valley Distillery

The Kimberley Rum Company is known as the Great Northern Distillery in Perth with their sampling room in the Swan Valley. It is a popular stop over during our Swan Valley limo tours when members of the group are spirit  drinkers and on hen’s parties.

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Belle limos at the Great Northern Distillery

With a later opening time of 12.00 noon the distillery is better to visit after a lunch break. The popular range of cocktail mixers and rums generate a lot of excitement at hen’s parties and the venue tolerates the high spirits of the patrons. Guests are limited to three drinks at $4 a glass. Partly because the staff have a high tolerance of the party crowds cruising the Swan Valley in 20 – 40 seat party buses it attracts a lot of crowded bus groups over the weekend which can greatly limit the service available to smaller groups (as well as the bus crowds filling the sampling room).

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On weekends the distillery can be crowed by groups of hen’s parties

Mid-week the venue is more sedate and the staff are able to discuss the various spirits and better interact with curious visitors. If you include the Great Northern Distillery in your wine tour schedule over a weekend Belle Limousines will book a stop over, but be prepared for unscheduled bus groups filling the venue and making service difficult.

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Limo groups can often avoid the bus crowds and enjoy the visit

Limousine access

The driveway from the highway is readily accessible for all limousines and buses. The parking area in front of the distillery easily caters for Chrysler limos as well as 50 seat buses. On festival days the number of vehicles can make the car park congested and limousines may need to park on the road verge adjacent to the venue.

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On festival days the rear garden turns into a large party

Mid-week visits to the distillery in a Rolls Royce limousine or classic Jaguar usually find the car park empty and the staff happy to discuss your questions about the products on offer.

Inquire about a Swan Valley tour.

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Mid-week tours in a classic car are great fun

Great Northern Distillery contact information

T   1300 668 119

A   496 Great Northern Highway Middle Swan

W   Great Northern Distillery

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