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Feral Brewery

Feral Brewery is a favourite lunch stop for groups on our Belle Classic Limousine’s wine tours of the Swan Valley near Perth. Feral beers have been highly awarded over several years, winning recognition across all categories of beer at the Australian International Beer Awards. Feral White and Hop Hog are personal favourites.

dressing up at feral brewery
Octoberfest is a great day at Feral Brewery on a Swan Valley Wine Tour

Feral Brewery has a casual ‘country pub’ atmosphere and it accommodates party groups along with family outings with ease. The menu is creative mix of pub food and share plates providing options for all tastes. Wine is also available for guests who don’t like an ale.

Beer festival events are special party days at Feral Brewery and are best avoided for those looking for casual lunch in the valley.

feral brewery tasting plate
Share platters at Feral Brewery are a great start to a lunch at the venue

Wine tours

Belle Classic Limousines is recommended by Feral Brewery as the preferred provider of limo Swan Valley tours. A good relationship ensures our groups are booked in for lunch or beer tastings when the brewery is scheduled on the tour and that you will be well looked after at the venue.

Parking and limo access at Feral Brewery

Apart from a tight turn into the driveway if arriving from the east, Feral Brewery accommodates the largest limousines and buses with ease. As you enter the car park veer right for the front car park suitable for small vehicles.

Stretch limousines and buses veer left as you enter the car park and follow the driveway to the rear of the brewery buildings.

Be wary of parking near the entrance where buses and limos turn into the left drive, they will need a large turning space to negotiate the sharp turn into or out off the driveway.

swan valley breweries
Party girls entering via the rear car park at Feral Brewery

The rear car park can often be home to over 20 buses and stretched limos on the festival days and the pub staff manage the crowds competently.

limo wine tours
Octoberfest at Feral Brewery attracts a large fleet of buses and limos

When parking at the rear of the brewery on festival days ensure that you find a position where the buses have easy clearance of your vehicle.

Chauffeur’s notes

The brewery

Feral Brewery is one of the Swan Valley’s most popular destinations. Established in the 1990s the venue overcame early pessimism about the potential success for a brewery off the main road in the Swan Valley to become one of the leading boutique breweries in the country.

Several of the brews produced are multi-award winning beers at the International Beer Awards in Australia. The restaurant produces quality food in a timely manner making it a suitable lunch stop on wine tours. Wines are also available for the non-beer drinkers.


As noted above, limousine parking is at the rear of the building.

When dropping patrons off at the venue, stop beside the front entry to the brewery and assist the group to find their table via the welcoming staff. The tables are booked under the name Belle but occasionally the staff have trouble finding the booking in their computer. Rarely the staff may also note the booking under the name of whoever booked the tour group in.

After the group are on the way to their table take the limousine to the rear parking area.

Inform the group that the limo will be in the rear car park and give them your phone contact details (especially if you are leaving the site while they have lunch).


Be wary when entering and leaving the venue in the stretch Chrysler limousine. They need a wide turning circle to enter and leave the left driveway in the venue, especially when arriving or departing to or from the east.

Cars travelling along Haddrill Road are usually travelling at 80 kmh and are not always aware that vehicles will be entering and leaving the brewery, so enter and exit the brewery with caution.

Feral Brewery contact information

T   (08) 9296 4657

A   152 Haddrill Road Baskerville

W   Feral Brewery

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