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Choosing limousines in Perth

Perth is ‘spoiled for choice’ when considering the range of limos available. If you are searching for limos in Perth, Belle Classic Limousines offer one of the largest collections of traditional wedding limos and modern Chrysler limousines available.

luxury wedding cars
The Rolls Royce Wraith is a symbol of ultimate luxury as a wedding car

The theme or mood that you want for your special event may determine the style of transport you require:

Vintage limousines

1934 REO SpeedWagon limousine, Rolls Royce Wraith and Jaguar Mk5 wedding cars have vintage styling including sweeping front guards, running boards, prominent headlights, flat glass windscreens and an old world photographic presence.

Classic limousines

Jaguar Mk5, Jaguar Mk9, Rolls Royce Wraith and Rolls Royce Cloud wedding cars typical of the late 1940’s – 1960’s vehicles of the classic car era. This period covers the transition from prominent mudguards to single form cars with great curves like the Jaguar Mk9. The 1960’s was a period of transition to squarer boxy cars that dominated the 70’s and 80’s.

Modern limousines

Our stylish retro 1980’s Rolls Royce limousines and late model Chrysler limos to move a crowd along with our Caprice chauffeur cars are popular for all ages and occasions.

If you know your style but are not great on car names and models you can move to the page dedicated to each car via the picture link in the side menu (on your tablet or computer – the menu appears at the page bottom on mobile phones) or quickly scan images of our fleet or head to the galleries to see multiple pictures of our vehicles at work to help you to select the perfect ride.

Things to consider when choosing and booking your limousines

On any occasion one or two of these factors may override others. Sometimes the importance of an event such as a wedding, school ball of special birthday will induce couples to indulge beyond their usual spending for transport.

  1. Number of passengers / seats
  2. Budget
  3. Purpose
  4. Theme and style
  5. Compare the limousine businesses
  6. Secure your limo

1.  Number of passengers

It may seem like a blinding flash of the obvious but the number of passengers should always be the first consideration. Everybody in your group needs a seat and the limo or combination of vehicles works best if everybody feels like they are included and have equal comfort. Whilst available the front seat next to the chauffeur is rarely used in general limo hire.

Often the number of passengers does not equal the number of seats required. Count your passengers and then consider their size – a group of ten basketball players will probably not be comfortable in a ten seat limousine. When you consider the size of male basket ball players a fourteen seat Hummer may be more appropriate for ten passengers. With most groups the additional space required for a few tall guys is compensated for by a few average size girls in the group in which case ten passengers can equal ten seats.

As a rule of thumb, count the number in your group and add an extra seat or two for comfort if the budget allows (especially if you are driving a long distance or will be spending long periods of time in the limo).

jet door limousine
Using the limo to capacity will result in a cheaper fare per person

2.  Budget

Generally the following rules apply when comparing limo hire rates:

More Expensive per seat Feature Less Expensive per seat
newer limo age older
smaller limo size larger
rarer unique limo more common
peak day / many events hire date mid-week / few events
minimal occupancy passengers full occupancy
afternoon / evening time of day morning
shorter length of hire longer

The thrill of hiring a limo often draws you to the more expensive side of the equation – on popular school ball nights limos can be up to $120 per seat for a return hire; while a similar journey in a cheaper limo can be as little as $30 per seat mid-week for a kids’ party.

To set your budget, identify the price you would be comfortable paying and ring a few limousine businesses to get a range of prices for your requirements. You can then adjust your expectations or budget to identify and secure the limo for your event.

luxury wedding cars
The rare and collectible Rolls Royce Wraith will be more expensive than cheaper smaller Bentleys

Be wary of a quote that seems too good to be true. A few Perth limo businesses will quote the first inquiry for a day very cheap to get an entry in their schedule – then will on-sell the limo to a full priced hire and dump the original ‘booking’. You can be confident that Belle Limos will honour all bookings and does not engage in this practice.

3.  Purpose

This is another blinding flash of the obvious – if your purpose is a simple airport transfer, probably the flashing lights of a disco Chrysler limo are overkill and the lack of luggage space can also make the Chrysler less practical. If it is a Chrysler limousine you want for a group send of overseas Belle Classic provide a complimentary luggage van so large groups can enjoy the limo atmosphere on the way to or from the airport.

People often blow their budget on limos by forgetting the purpose of the journey.

Special occasions demand a special budget – Year 12 school balls, proposals, weddings, significant anniversaries and birthdays are all one-off events that warrant a premium budget and you need to plan accordingly to make the event super memorable and celebrate the big events in life.

chrysler limo hire
For a marriage proposal a Chrysler limo for two might not be an extravagance

4.  Theme

Once the serious work of determining the number of passengers and budget is in-hand the fun of searching for the perfect ride is less daunting. Some popular themes include modern party limos, classic British limousines for weddings, 1940’s gangster style cars for theme balls and parties.

Decide on your theme and be quick – classic and specialty limos in Perth are in short supply and book out up to a year in advance for Saturday afternoon weddings and months in advance for popular school ball nights.

jaguar wedding cars
Colette and Jon enjoyed a well planned photo session at their vintage theme wedding

5.  Compare the limousine businesses

When searching on-line you may find several businesses offering popular Chrysler limousines and often two or three businesses offering rarer classic or vintage limousines. Not all businesses are the same to deal with. Wide internet coverage simply means a large advertising budget. Ensure you check independent reviews, testimonials and feedback about the business on sites like Easy Weddings, Facebook, Google+ Yelp and Yellow Pages. The number and quality of reviews will give you a quick overview of the businesses’ history and performance. If a business has blocked reviews from any of these sites it is a telling sign that there is something to hide. Read our article on comparing limousine businesses for more detailed information.

6.  Secure your limo booking

Businesses will charge according to the budget grid above. Find the limo of your choice and book it early by paying the deposit or booking fee. For special occasions or busy nights don’t rely on a word of mouth agreement and request a written confirmation of your booking. It is also wise to confirm your booking a few weeks prior to the event while there is still time to sort out issues if they arise.

It is reassuring to know that Belle will issue an invoice and scheduling summary for all bookings and do a final phone through confirmation the week before your event.

Enjoy the ride

Belle Classic limos Perth have a great reputation for service and having a unique and exclusive collection of classic wedding cars and modern Chrysler limousines. Check out the testimonials page for client feedback about the Belle limousines experience.