Limousine Access to Claremont Yacht Club


Claremont Yacht Club

Claremont Yacht Club is increasing in popularity as a wedding venue for Perth couples. The yacht club has a grassed waterfront area for river-side wedding ceremonies, and the function room used for wedding receptions has spectacular Swan River views as a backdrop for the wedding celebration.

luxury rolls royce bridal car
Arriving for a riverside wedding ceremony at Claremont Yacht Club

The interior of the CYC has a rustic maritime theme as would be expected and the active yacht club marina means there is lots of movement and interest through the view windows.

Entry to the foreshore of the yacht club is off Victoria Avenue via a very steep drive way which curves sharply around the club house. The drive is used by four wheel drives hauling large boats and yachts down to the water and back again. It means special consideration is needed when choosing your wedding transport for a wedding at the Claremont Yacht Club. When the car park is congested there is very little turning room for large stretch limousines.

caprice chauffeur cars
The entry to Claremont Yacht Club is a very steep driveway
wedding limousine access
The driveway at Claremont Yacht Club

Entry to the CYC club house is via a first floor foyer half way down the driveway. There is no parking along the drive so set-down and pick-ups need to be fairly swift or the limos will need to move on to allow following vehicles passage along the drive. If your limo is unable to negotiate the driveway the wedding party will be faced with walking down or up the steep drive which is not necessarily comfortable for the bridal party in new high-heeled shoes.

chrysler limos perth
Arriving at the yacht club in a Chrysler limo – caution is needed

Chrysler limos and Hummers beware. Inexperienced drivers who drive into Claremont Yacht Club on a busy Saturday afternoon face the possibility of driving into a full car park with little to no opportunity to turn around. The steep change of gradient and sharp turn make it especially difficult for Chrysler limousines.

When the yacht club car park is near capacity the drive can be narrowed significantly if drives have parked their cars incorrectly restricting the drive further. Wedding guests rushing to make a ceremony are particularly guilty of random poor parking practice. If a longer limo became stuck it would be forced to try and reverse up the steep drive which would be difficult.

limousine access at cyc
The overhead view clearly shows the congested car park

The best solution at the venue is to choose classic or vintage wedding cars or smaller Rolls Royce limos which can more easily negotiate the restricted driveway.

Inquire to check the availability of Belle Classic wedding cars for your big day.

rolls royce limousine
Our classic wedding cars handle the venue with ease.

Claremont Yacht Club contact details

T   (08) 9384 8226

A   4 Victoria Avenue Claremont

W   Claremont Yacht Club