Limousine Tours to Houghton’s Winery


Houghton Wines

Houghton’s Winery in the Swan Valley is one of Perth’s oldest estate wineries. The parkland setting to the winery is a favourite picnic venue for couples and families seeking a relaxing afternoon in the open, enjoying a lunch on the lawn along with a bottle of fine wine. Houghton’s Wines are well known with their Stripe range being among the largest volume productions in Australia.

rolls royce wine tours
Our Rolls Royce Cloud at Houghton’s Wineryon an intimate anniversary wine tour

To add to the experience at Houghton’s Winery is a delightful cafe which sells light meals and take away platters for groups who prefer to picnic in the grounds. The tasting rooms are on a grand scale too. There is also a gallery and cellar museum with some of the old large fortified wine barrels that were used in the early days of the winery.

luxury wine tours
The old fortified wine barrels in the Houghton’s Winery museum

Belle Classic Limousines will organise a premium tasting of Houghton’s wines for patrons who choose to visit the winery in their tour. The premium Wisdom and Gladstone wines are rarely seen in bottle shops where it is common to spot the less expensive varieties.

cellar door
Kelly and Nelly enjoy a premium wine tasting at Houghton Wines

Limousine access to Houghton’s Winery

The grounds are huge by comparison to other wineries in the Swan Valley and there is parking for a large number of vehicles as well as tour buses and Chrysler limos on a wine tour. Access to the winery is via a long driveway from Great Northern Highway with some serious speed humps which will rattle the unwary driver.

limousine wine tours
Our Chrysler limousine at Houghton’s winery in the Swan Valley

Once at the winery there is a large turn around and parking area for limos and buses as well as numerous car bays. Lunch time on many weekends can see the car parks overflow with cars from families on a day out but there always seems to be ample room.

Contact information for Houghton’s Winery

T   (08) 9274 5100

A   Dale Road Middle Swan

W   Houghton Wines