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Perth Wedding Celebrants

The number of wedding celebrants in Perth has grown significantly over the past few years providing what seems like a wide selection. The challenge is to find a celebrant with the right combination of experience, personality and presentation to suit your wedding day.

sittella winery wedding
Brad Whitelock at a recent wedding at Sittella Winery in the Swan Valley

Fortunately there are lots of tools to assist you. As the marriage ceremony is the most videoed segment of the wedding, most celebrants should be able to direct you to samples of them ‘in action’ so you can observe their at wedding manner. If you are happy with their ‘at wedding’ work and you feel a good rapport with the celebrant it is a good confirmation that you’ll be happy on the day. An experienced celebrant will also provide you with various samples of running order, vows and tone for the day. It should be possible to adjust the tone to suit your own preferences – religious theme, casual, formal friendship etc.

Be aware of the window of time being allocated to your wedding by the celebrant when booking. Many popular celebrants will conduct two or more ceremonies in an afternoon and will have a necessary departure time. This may mean the ‘casual and relaxed’ planning approach to a garden wedding is confined by a definite window of time within which the ceremony can be held or the celebrant will be rushing your service in order to make the next appointment if the bride is fashionably late for the wedding.

The following list of celebrants all bring a good spirit to weddings, from the chauffeured limousine driver‘s experience.

perth chrysler limo hire
A garden ceremony at Bridgeleigh Reception Center in Wanneroo

Wedding Celebrants Perth

Andrew Murfin – 08 9378 1844

Liz Hayes – 0424 70 3399

Celebrant Swan Valley – Nina Guelfi  0414 476 538 – Brad Whitelock  0431 974 608

Philip Wagner – 0438 363 530

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