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Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was the first large bodied limousine built fully by Rolls Royce. The introduction of the Silver Cloud model in 1955 marked the end of the 1930’s styling used by Rolls Royce following World War II and led to much more widespread popularity of the manufacturer.

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Our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud at Caversham House

Even with its enormous popularity the quality focused handmade approach to constructing the vehicles meant that just over 7000 Silver clouds were manufactured in eleven years. The purchase price of £6500 in 1956 would equate to well over $500,000 in today’s currency.

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Rolls Royce wedding cars

The Belle Classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud limousines are well maintained vehicles still running the original Rolls Royce engine and drive-train.

The opulent Connelly leather and walnut burl timber finish were the ultimate in motoring refinement at the time. For its age the Rolls Royce are whisper quiet and spacious, quickly capturing an earlier era of luxury motoring history. The only modern upgrades from original are icy-cold air-conditioning and a music player which has CD and iPod compatibility.

Rolls Royce limousine occasions


Weddings are the core occupation for the Rolls Royce Silver Clouds today. They are the ultimate wedding transport for couples seeking a luxury classic wedding car experience.
A video slide show featuring the Rolls Royce at Mosmans Restaurant.

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud are wide-bodied with deep seats and room to easily fit the most prominent bridal gowns.

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Special Occasions

The Rolls Royce also assists with short-hire chauffeur services for special occasions throughout the year. Mainly for wedding proposals, special birthdays and anniversaries when only the best will do.

The ultimate luxury wedding car

The silver cloud model introduced by Rolls Royce in 1955 quickly became the most desirable car of a generation. Produced in small numbers at prices that allowed only the very wealthy to enjoy them they were the car chosen by royalty and the famous.

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The stately Rolls Royce Cloud appropriately photographed in King Street Perth

Interestingly the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud had huge success in the USA and became the feature ride on the prime time TV show Burke’s Law which added to its appeal in the American market.

Rumour has it that around 50% of Rolls Royce cars made are still in service today. A history like no other vehicle manufacturer.

Our Rolls Royce Cloud  8 BELLE

Our 1957 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 8BELLE is an original Australian import supplied through Kellow Faulkiner Pty Ltd Melbourne.

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Our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 8BELLE

Don’t be confused if you see pictures of our Rolls Royce Cloud with the 9 BELLE number plate. After we added the Jaguar Mk9 to the fleet it was necessary to give the Mk9 the number 9 plate because clients were requesting for the number 9 car and it led to confusion when booking. Lots of photos from posts in the past are still found across the internet and throughout our site.

The history of Rolls Royce cars is often passed down from owner to owner adding to the mystique of the brand. Purchased at close to 4000 pounds ($8000) it was originally two tone grey.

Surprising for many people in the computer age, all documentation for ordering a Rolls Royce, receipting the purchase and assembly notes were hand-written. Unlike today the cars were built to the customers specifications, they were not a car that couls be purchased from the showroom floor.

rolls royce assembly notes
The assembly document noting optional accessories and completion date
rolls royce silver cloud
The original invoice on despatch to Australia

Previous owners

  • E H Hanson Esquire Toorak Melbourne
  • David Jones Wangara Perth
  • Belle Classic Limousines

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The style of the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud evolved from the coach-built Bentleys and Rolls Royces built on the successful Bentley Mk6 platform during the early 1960s.

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Our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud at a Perth wedding

When the new model Rolls Royce was released in 1955 with a significantly wider and larger body than the previous model and a significant price advantage because of the factory all steel body instead of the laborious hand made bodies of the coach-built cars it was enormously popular with the rich and famous. In fact the success of the new Rolls Royce and similar Bently models is probably responsible for the demise of the luxury coach-building industry for automobiles in England.

The Series 1 Silver Clouds retained the in-line six cylinder motor until the newly engineered alloy V8 engine was released in the Series 2 Clouds in 1958. The Series 3 Rolls Royce Silver Clouds introduced in 1963 are easily identified by the dual headlights and a few less obvious styling modifications.

Enjoy this video on the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

Luxury Limousines

The Rolls Royce Silver Clouds have luxury period appointments including:


Licensed for four passengers plus the chauffeur. Belle Classic Limousines recommends a maximum of three passengers when used as a bridal car.

Leather upholstery

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is upholstered in Connelly leather in cream or grey seat and door trims with matching head-lining and carpets.

Walnut burl timber inlay

The timber fitments to the inside of the cabin are an artwork still in original condition.


Icy-cold air-conditioning is a modern addition to the Rolls Royce. It wasn’t an option in the vehicles until the early 1960’s.


The Rolls Royce wedding cars are fitted with modern music systems with CD player and iPod connectivity.

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