School Ball Classic Cars

Take a Jaguar to your ball

Belle Classic Limousines is one of the few businesses to offer classic cars and small limousines for school ball hire. Our Jaguar Mk5 saloons are a favourite for couples who prefer to head to the ball together rather than join a group in a larger limousine.

school formals
Classic cars make a great statement at your ball

School ball glamour

Every time one of our classic limos arrives at a pre-ball party it becomes the focus of ball photos, even for couples who have chosen a modern limousine for the ride to the event. This could be your dream ride to the ball.

transport to a school ball
A fun way to head to the ball

Pricing for your ball depends upon the locations involved and the total time required. A typical school ball hire is for 1.5 hours on the way to the ball with a direct transfer when heading back home. A photo stop is a traditional part of the drive to the ball and it is best to choose a location near the route from the pick-up to the ball location.

getting to your school ball
School ball photo locations

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