School Ball Limosines


School Ball limousine hire

School Balls are often the highlight of the year for high school students. It is an opportunity to step into the glamour of a big night out. Belle Classic Limousines provides a range of limos from ten passenger Chrysler limousines with all the lights and thumping sound system associated with modern stretch limos, elegant REO SpeedWagon and Rolls Royce Spirit seven passenger limousines which give a more refined entrance for smaller groups of students, and through to vintage cars for couples looking for a special entrance to their school ball.

By mixing a range of limos we can provide limousine hire for groups of over twenty students and are one of the few businesses offering couples the opportunity to arrive in style in a classic car so that they enjoy the moment regardless of the crowd.

Chrysler 300C limousines

Chrysler limousines are the most economical way to get a group of ten passengers to a school ball. Belle have three matched white Chrysler limousines at great school ball rates.

REO SpeedWagon limousine

The REO SpeedWagon is an exceptional entry statement sought by small groups of two or three couples. This popular limousine books out early so don’t hesitate if this is the limo for you.

Rolls Royce Limousines

Our Rolls Royce limousines are popular for groups of two or three couples looking for an economical option rather than paying for several unused seats in a larger limousine.

Classic cars

Arriving at your school ball in a classic Rolls Royce for two to four passengers is a more expensive but very prestigious entry statement. We assist with one or two classic car transfers with many balls each year.

Booking school ball limos

Inquire about Belle Classic school ball limo hire to discuss your requirements. The information provided here gives an outline of general school ball limousine hire, however, we are a very flexible business and will happily work to your plans for the evening.

To the ball

School ball limo hire is often a little more than regular limo charters because the hire time usually stretches out between 1-1.5 hours before the ball and often also requires more time than a standard transfer after the ball.

Pick-up is usually at the house of one of the students in the limo however, many groups of students often congregate at a pre-ball gathering at someones house or a local park at which several limos may pick-up at the same time. This gives parents an opportunity to enjoy the party atmosphere with the students before they board their limousines to head of to their Perth ball venue.

Belle Classic limousines come with a bar or ice box stocked with ice and cold water and soft drink for the ride to the ball. Students are welcome to bring a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine if the wish to use the champagne flutes with a more refined beverage. Alcohol consumption in the limousine by students will not be tolerated during a school ball hire. The chauffeurs are not authorised to supervise nor monitor who could consume alcohol so we take a no risk approach knowing that many in the group may be under-age.

Photo stop

If a designated photo stop is planned the driver will park adjacent to the photo location so the students can alight from the limo safely. At some locations it may be necessary for the students to cross a road and it is safer if they wait and cross as a group. The limo chauffeur will assist with taking photos for the students with their iPhones or cameras. Kings Park is a popular photo location for school balls in Perth. South Perth foreshore, Matilda Bay and UWA are other popular photo stops for a group wanting to avoid the crowds at Kings Park or on concert nights at the Botanic Gardens when the park is closed to limo visits.

The limo driver will often give the contact student a card with the driver’s phone number in case they need to make phone contact at the end of the night.

After the ball

Belle drivers will usually try to park near the school ball venue up to 30 minutes prior to the pick-up time so they are close to the exit when the students emerge. In many city locations there is limited verge parking near the ball rooms so the limo may wait a block or two away and move to the venue after the students begin to depart. It is important that the students organise their group before leaving the ball room. It can be very difficult to find and collect students scattered along the verge when 400 – 800 students are wandering looking for limos.

The driver will usually wait at the designated meeting place near the exit and walk the students to the parked car. It is helful if the students remember the number plate of the limo (ie 12BELLE) in case two or our matching white Chrysler limos are picking up at the same location. The limos will be fitted with fresh glasses and iced water on the way home from the ball.

After parties

Belle Classic Limousines will assist with transport to an after party only if it is arranged before the night. Additional fees may apply if the drive to the after party is organised after a price has been set for a simpler school ball transfer.