The Blue Boatshed Perth Limo Access


Limos at the Blue Boat-shed

The blue boat-shed has become one of Perth’s iconic wedding photo locations. Situated in Crawley along Mounts Bay Road you will often pass Chrysler limousines or classic wedding cars parked in the bus stop letting out their wedding party all dressed in their finest wedding attire. On Saturdays during the most popular wedding months it is not uncommon to see three weddings groups lined up waiting for their turn to parade on the jetty leading to the boat-shed.

Typical wedding photography at the blue boat-shed

Limousine and wedding car access

The blue boat shed is located on the waterside (naturally) of the busy Mounts Bay Road. Whether you are dropped at the bus bay by the water’s edge or over the road on Kings Park Avenue, caution is needed when alighting from your limo and/or when crossing the road. Motorists tend to pay more attention to the bridal party or wedding transport and forget they are cruising at 60 km, often drifting across lanes. If there is a bride in front of the blue boat-shed while you are crossing the road, the drivers will most likely be looking at the bride and may not notice you crossing. BE CAREFUL. The larger the limo, the further it will usually encroach on the road reserve at the bus stop and the greater the risk of being hit by traffic.

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Our Chrysler limousine parked on the road shoulder near the bus stop

The bus stop is only meant for set down (especially on busy wedding days) and similarly across the road.

Your wedding cars will probably need to move up into Park Avenue at the top of the hill for safe parking. Your Belle chauffeur should give you a contact number so a member of your bridal party can let driver know when you are ready to be collected.

rolls royce wedding limo
Our Rolls Royce limo dropping off in Kings Park Avenue

Classic wedding cars may drop off and pick-up in Kings Park Avenue while stretch limousines are more likely to use the bus stop in Mounts Bay Road if it is available.

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Beautiful wedding photography even by the road side
rolls royce wedding car
The Rolls Royce Wraith at the blue boat-shed

Not all limo businesses abide by the common courtesy of leaving access along the cycle path along Mounts Bay Road as seen in the picture below. Belle chauffeurs will not park illegally and will use their judgement on the day to select the best and safest drop-off and pick-up points for your wedding party if you choose to use the blue boat-shed for your wedding photographs.

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A Hummer limo parked illegally on the bike path beside the Blue Boatshed

Blue Boatshed Perth Location

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