Wedding Car and Limo Decorations


Wedding car decorations

The decoration of wedding cars and limousines follows many traditional themes ranging from ‘just married’ signs and tin-can trails through to floral arrangements and wedding bears and dolls. This page is to show-case some of the decorations used by our brides to help individualise their wedding day, to accommodate family traditions or just to add to the fun of the day.

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jaguar convertible
A little preparation created this wonderful vintage ‘thank you’ card image

‘Just Married’ signs

‘Just Married’ signs are a popular photographic addition to the classic wedding cars. The signs need to be designed to attach to the wedding car using ribbon secured around the boot if you intend to do a drive off from a location. Otherwise a photograph prop can rest on the rear of the car or be tied like the fabric sign made by Colette above. Double sided sticking tape or adhesive products are obviously not suitable.

jaguar bridal car
A string-line ‘Just Married’ sign supported around the boot lid.

Belle Classic Limousines provides a magnetic ‘Just Married’ sign on request. It is suitable for most of our vehicles except the Rolls Royce with aluminium boot lids. You need about a 1000 – 1200 mm wide sign to fit a wedding car boot. As can be seen in the following photo not all signs bought from the internet are designed to be used as a car decoration with many being wider than the display area available on the wedding car.

rolls royce wedding cars
Not all signs bought from the internet are designed for cars.

Wedding car ribbons

Belle Classic provide complementary ivory double sided satin ribbon on all wedding car and limousine hire. The ivory ribbon provides a striking contrast to the background in photographs and is a traditional accessory for bridal cars.

rolls royce wraith
Classic double sided satin ribbon is hard to beat as a simple decoration

Coloured ribbons

Coloured ribbons are sometimes requested to match a wedding theme and we are happy to assist, however couples are asked to source and supply the correct shade (of pink, blue, red etc) or tartan for the day. The length of ribbon needed for our cars varies from 6.0 – 6.5 metres, so we recommend that you allocate a seven metre length per car of 35 – 40mm wide ribbon. Be aware that many ribbon colours will blend into the background in photographs and not stand out as the ivory ribbons do.

rolls royce wedding car
Your choice of classic car brings a beautiful and much photographed mascot to the wedding

 Door bows and other ribbon accessories

Belle Classic Limousines does not have a supply of additional ribbons for door bows and other adornment. If you would like to provide your preferred ribbon accessories we will happily fit them to the vehicles if it is safe to do so.

Wedding bears and dolls

Teddy bears are a good luck mascot for many couples. They can adorn the radiator mascot on some of the classic cars or be placed on the rear window shelf of most classic cars and limousines. It is common for couples to provide their own ‘good luck’ wedding bears so they can be kept for a souvenir of the wedding day. A range of wedding bears are usually available on E-Bay at a reasonable price. Be sure to check the size before you buy – they range from ‘miniature’ though to ‘too big for display on a wedding car’.

Belle Classic wedding cars have a choice of two bear couples to decorate the cars. If you wish for bears please specify your preference.

wedding bears
Our wedding bears in full wedding attire.
wedding car decorations
Our bride and groom bears with bow-tie and veil.


Helium filled balloons are a popular photographic decoration especially for couples departing a wedding ceremony or at an end of night get-away.

Most photography sessions featuring balloons have also been in the Jaguar convertible wedding cars.

I am sure that you are aware that the balloons will not withstand moving with speed and will be released of stored in the rear cabin of a limousine (or the photographers car?) shortly after leaving the venue to ensure safe driving and to not distract following vehicles.

convertible wedding car
Balloons are a quirky photographic feature but a danger on the road

Floral garlands

Flower garlands across the boot of a wedding car are popular in Europe as a static display during wedding photographs. In our experience they are usually fitted by the florist on-site during the wedding photographs.

jaguar mk5 convertible
Our convertible wedding car with a native bottle brush garland
vintage limo hire
The REO SpeedWagon limo gets a floral garland in a Swan Valley wedding

Floral displays on cars with masses of large ribbons are popular in Asia and seen a garish in Australia.

Tin can and ribbon trails

We are happy for a string line of ‘tin cans’ to be attached to the bumper bar of a wedding car after the wedding ceremony or on the end of night get-away car by prior arrangement.

Yes we will provide the cans for you, just remember to request them on your booking form.

Be aware that the trailing tins will be removed shortly after leaving the venue to ensure safe driving for following vehicles.

Red carpet service

Red carpet has become the entry point statement for special occasions and for special guests and dignitaries. Once it was a must have item but these days it is a matter of personal choice. For the record, red carpet is requested on around 10% of wedding services. You may wish to discuss the use of red carpet with your photographer who will also have an opinion related to the impact on your wedding photography.

Red carpet is available for your wedding car or limousine service at no additional cost when requested..

The carpet is not carried permanently in the cars so ensure that you note your choice on the booking form when you reserve your wedding cars.

Wedding limousine decoration inquiries

jaguar mk5 convertible
Classic ‘Just Married’ wedding car photography

Contact the friendly staff at Belle Classic Limousines on 9279 9922 to inquire about or discuss your ideas for adding decorations to your wedding car or ask a question using the form below.

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