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Carilley Estate Winery

Carilley is a boutique winery on the eastern side of the Swan Valley. The winery offers a range of wines for sale and operates as a restaurant for lunches. It is also a popular Swan Valley wedding venue offering a lovely outlook and exclusive access to the location during the wedding.

carilley estate winery
The entrance to Carilley Estate tasting room

Weddings at Carilley Estate Winery

Belle Limousines assist at many weddings at Carilley Estate. The venue has a large reception room with views over the grounds and gardens. The grounds have many locations for a civil ceremony for an ‘all a one venue’ wedding.

Verandah garden setting

The rear verandah is and grassed area are popular for couples who like the background to look to the vineyard or skyline. These locations also have easy access to the amenities if you have a number of aged guests.

Suzannah Brook

The grassed area adjacent to the bridge over Suzannah Brook is popular for ceremonies. Consideration needs to be given to transporting elderly guests to and from the ceremony location. A family car can do this but it is better parked back in the car park so it doesn’t feature in the photographs of the wedding.

Feature photographs around the creek also a popular choice at the venue. The rustic wooden bridge crossing the brook has a timeless appeal.

swan valley reception venues
The reception room at Carilley Estate
rolls royce wedding cars
The Rolls Royce Wraith arriving at Carilley Estate

Wine tours at Carilley Estate

Carilley Estate produces a range of wines from their estate vineyard and are open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The relaxed outlook over the vineyard and garden is a favourite for groups looking for a peaceful lunch venue with room for a stroll through the grounds.

Limousine access at Carilley Estate

The entrance from the road into Carilley Estate is through a spectacular pair of wrought iron gates. The car park and drop-off area for Carilley Estate weddings is accessible by all classic wedding cars and limousines. This can change if wedding guests park their cars in a way that restricts the driveway and turning circle.

Parking at Carilley Estate

It is worth noting that the car park is sufficient for day traffic but not large enough for the large number of cars that may attend a wedding. It is worth organising somebody to direct wedding guests to park on the paddock to the right once they enter the gates to enable good access for the wedding limousines when they arrive.

Depending upon the ceremony location you will need to ensure that guests do not park in the bays adjacent to the verandah if this is your chosen drop-off point. All your arrival photos will be cluttered by guests cars.

Similarly if your ceremony location is next to Suzannah Brook you need to ensure that suitable access is maintained to the road across the front of the winery to enable your wedding cars or limousines to reach the rear of the property. It is a frustrating delay to the wedding ceremony looking for guests to move cars if they have congested the parking lot to a point where stretch limousines cannot drive through easily.

jaguar wedding cars
The brook side ceremony location

Access to the rear garden and bridge over Suzannah Brook is via a narrow road around the rear of the reception centre. This road has a tight turn which is often restricted by the commercial rubbish bins that service the centre. This may restrict longer stretch Chrysler limos and Hummers from the brook side areas. The bridge over the creek is also not suitable for heavy vehicles. If you are planning to use the brook side gardens it is probably best to choose classic wedding cars like our Jaguar Mk5 convertible below or small limousines for your wedding transport.

Parking at Carilley Estate Winery

Carilley Estate has sufficient parking for the number wedding guests likely at the venue.

As mentioned above, the most important parking issue at the venue is that guests do not block access to the rear drive through to the Suzannah Brook ceremony location behind the reception centre..

Spill over parking if your guests should fill the car park is available on the paddock near the entrance to the venue.

If you have a large guest list who are likely to drive to the reception it will be wise to assign a friend or family member to guide guests to park in the correct bays and ensure that your wedding limousines are able to have the correct access to negotiate the grounds.

End of night chauffeur service

Belle Limousines supplies end of night transfers for couples who book their wedding transport during the afternoon. We recommend that the bride and groom pre-book an end of night get-away from Carilley Estate as a minimum. Also consider a chauffeur car for special guests like parents and grand parents if they are not driving home.

There is a tendency today for people to feel confident to book short call transport such as taxis and Uber cars at the end of events. It is useful to remember that the drivers with these services target high volume areas such as Perth city, Perth airport in peak times and Crown casino. Whilst the number of short call cars in the Swan Valley may be numerous at various times of the day, BUT at the end of a wedding night it is common for 10 – 20 weddings to be finishing in the valley at around the same time. Carilley is off the main track so expect your guests will have a wait for their ride to arrive. At worst we see wedding guests walking to the Great Northern Highway when their ride don’t arrive, in the hope of flagging down a passing taxi.

Wedding limousines at Carilley Estate

Carilley Estate is a popular Swan Valley reception venue which is also used for wedding ceremonies as an ‘all at one venue’ location.

There are two commonly used ceremony locations.

Upper garden courtyard

Drop-off for wedding ceremonies at the courtyard are usually at the right hand side of the winery as you enter the driveway. Drive straight through the car park to the end of the drive just past the winery or as instructed by the bride.

Alternatively some brides may prefer to enter the courtyard garden from the rear of the winery building. In this instance take the drive way just in-front of the winery and drive slowly around the winery being alert for kitchen staff and bins as you do. Park and let the bride out at the path just past the winery or as instructed by the bride.

Suzannah Brook lawn

The most polular ceremony location at Carilley Estate is the lawn next to the Suzannah Brook bridge. Access to the lawn is via the drive around the front of the winery mentioned above. Drive past the winery and down the steep slope to the area near the bridge and drop-off as instructed by the bride.

Occasionally brides will want to be delivered to this location via the homestead entrance off Great Northern Highway. Access the entrance near the Suzannah Brook crossing on the highway and take care as you approach the house for the track that leads off the drive to the right before you get to the house. Follow the track down along the brook to the bridge and drop off after crossing the wooden bridge.

End of night get-aways

All pick-ups for end of wedding night transfers will be from the main winery entrance. Remember to alert the bride or groom that you have arrived.

Carilley Estate contact details

A   45 Hyem Rd Herne Hill

T   (08) 9296 6190

W  Carilley Estate Winery

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