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Matilda Bay Restaurant

Matilda Bay Restaurant is one of Perth’s favourite inner city reception venues. Located on the sheltered waters of Matilda Bay with sweeping views back to the city lights and over the yachts of the Royal Perth Yacht Club it is a magical location for a wedding. The venue lends itself to beautiful wedding photos bat side at sunset before heading into the reception.

rolls royce wedding cars
A foreshore wedding at Matilda Bay Restaurant

Weddings at Matilda Bay Restaurant

Couples looking for an ‘all at one location wedding have their wedding ceremony on the Matilda bay foreshore adjacent to the restaurant. Our classic Jaguar Mk5 and Rolls Royce wedding cars are popular with couples who use Matilda bay.

Following family photographs it is common for the wedding party to be chauffeured to nearby locations for feature wedding photographs. Popular locations in the area include UWA, Kings Park, the blue boat-shed, the mounts bay Road trees, Perth city locations, and of course Matilda bay foreshore.

wedding ceremony
A wedding ceremony at Matilda bay Restaurant

Limousine access to Matilda Bay Restaurant

Restaurant car park

All wedding cars and stretch Chrysler limousines can access and negotiate the restaurant car park with ease. This can change when the car park is filled by wedding guests. If guests park in a way that obstructs the turning areas through the car park stretch limos may not be able to drive through and it is difficult to reverse long limousines through a congested car park. Your driver will need to evaluate the conditions on your wedding day. If you are planning to use a stretch limousine it will be wise to caution your guests not to restrict access in the car park of Matilda Bay Restaurant.

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Our Chrysler jet door limousine arriving at Matilda Bay Restaurant

Matilda Bay foreshore

Access to the Matilda Bay foreshore is via a gate near the restaurant. Couples need to negotiate access to the gate lock through the restaurant or local authority. When open our wedding cars and limousines can deliver you directly to your foreshore wedding ceremony and be available for beautiful photographic opportunities along the riverside.

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Our jet door Chrysler limousine at a foreshore wedding ceremony

Parking at Matilda bay Restaurant

Matilda Bay Restaurant is one of Perth’s premium wedding reception venues as well as being a fine dinning restaurant. Frequently hosting two weddings simultaneously the car park can reach capacity on nights when large number of guests drive their own cars.

The car park usually has sufficient space for wedding guests and spill over parking in the boat ramp car park is only a short walk to the venue.


The only concern for guest parking at Matilda bay Restaurant is that access through the parking lot is maintained for wedding cars and limousines. If guests park outside the defined lots there is a risk of blocking the access through the parking lot. This may not have a great impact on classic wedding cars, however, stretch limousines have difficulty negotiating the car park when it at capacity.

End of wedding chauffeur car service

Belle Classic Limousines recommend that you pre-book chauffeur cars for the bride and groom’s end of night get-away. It is a nice gesture to supply transport for your parents and grandparents if they are likely to be drinking alcohol on the evening.

Taxis and Uber cars

Matilda Bay Restaurant is one venue I always expected that it would be easy to attract a taxi to. This is not always the case and we often see many groups of guests waiting impatiently out the front for taxis or short call services like Uber and Shofer. Weddings at Matilda Bay finish at the same time on Friday and Saturday night as many hotels, restaurants and other weddings at nearby venues are also ending. The demand for short notice taxis and Uber chauffeur cars peaks and the services cannot cope. Pre-ordered chauffeur cars are the safest alternative for family and important guests who need a timely lift at the end of the night.

Wedding cars at Matilda Bay Restaurant

We assist with weddings at Matilda Bay Restaurant most weekends. The venue is relatively easy to negotiate with wedding cars and the shorter limousines, however, stretch Chrysler limousines may be difficult to navigate through the car park when it is at capacity, especially if guests park outside of the dedicated parking spaces.

Wedding ceremonies at Matilda Bay

The foreshore next to the restaurant is often used for the wedding ceremony of couples hiring Matilda bay Restaurant for their reception. Matilda bay staff have the key / code for the gate to the foreshore and it is usually open if the couple have arranged with the venue to have limousine access to the foreshore. Always confirm with the bride on the way to the venue where she would prefer for the set-down to occur. Some prefer the restaurant car park; others prefer to be driven onto the foreshore reserve near to the ceremony location. If arriving in a Jaguar convertible bridal car for a foreshore ceremony we usually put the roof of the convertible down as we enter the Matilda Bay Restaurant car park out of view of the wedding guests.

Feature photos near Matilda Bay Restaurant

Even if the couple choose not to drive onto the foreshore for their entrance to the ceremony check with the photographer about placing the bridal car near the waters edge for the photography session. Other popular spots near Matilda Bay are the riverside in the boat ramp car park; the boat ramp and jetty in the Mounts Bay Sailing Club grounds; and the jetty near the Sea Scouts Club house at the end of Australia II Drive.

Wedding receptions at Matilda Bay Restaurant

For couples who are arriving at the restaurant after having their feature photos at a different location the drop off is at the restaurant entrance which is straight forward. The only caution is when driving stretch limousines. If guests have parked outside the parking bays the drive through the car park may be restricted. This needs to be assessed before you commit to driving through the car park in case you need to reverse back out.

End of night get-aways

End of night chauffeur transfers pick-up from the restaurant entrance in the car park. There may be several taxis and chaufeur cars waiting for guests so it can get a little crowded. Ensure you go in and announce your arrival to the bride and or DJ so they can wind up the evening. As with all multiple wedding venues it is necessary to meet your couple inside so the correct couple are driven to their hotel, It would be common for both weddings to finish at around the same time with the end of night destination the Crown Metropol for instance which could lead to the embarrassing situation that you deliver the wrong couple to their destination.

Matilda Bay Restaurant contact details

A   3 Hackett Drive Crawley

T   (08) 9423 5000

W   Matilda Bay Restaurant

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