Wedding Cars – Plan B

Belle Classic has a proactive maintenance routine for its wedding cars and limousines to ensure they are faultless at your wedding. The wedding cars are visually inspected, fluids checked, refueled and the wedding supplies are rechecked again by the drivers before they leave for your wedding. In the great majority of bookings your limousines will perform as expected.

chrysler limo hire
Chrysler wedding limousines

Still, both the classic wedding cars and modern limos are just cars. All cars will stop at some point if a component fails.

What happens if a vehicle cannot get to or complete a job?

Many businesses ring and put you in charge of finding a solution. Belle Classic will respond with a solution.

Plan B

In the rare cases of a break-down it is reassuring to know that Belle has a plan. It is even safer if you have a plan too.

Follow the link to read the expanded discussion of vehicle maintenance, break down strategies and a simple plan to be prepared for the worst and save your wedding ceremony.




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