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Fresh flowers are an integral part of wedding decorations. Flowers are a seasonal product and most people don’t realise that flowers are imported daily from all over the world so that popular varieties are available 365 days a year. Whilst the supply of flower varieties is fairly well guaranteed, the quantity of different colours and sizes that arrive may differ from the orders placed on any day.

This means that florists will need to be given a little tolerance for small differences in the colour and size of flowers that make up your bouquet and floral arrangements. It amazes me how consistent the floral products are across the year.

Flowers on wedding cars

In various parts of the world it is common to adorn the bridal car (or carriage) with fresh flowers. In the days when couples married in their village and the distances travelled were a few blocks at low speed the arrangements would sit in place for the day. In our high speed world were brides can travel 30 km at freeway speeds to the ceremony, flowers are not often attached to the wedding cars.


The most common use of flowers with wedding cars is the strategic placement of the bouquet on the bridal car during the photography shoot.

classic wedding cars
The bridal party bouquets across the skirt of the Jaguar convertible.


Floral garlands are an interesting decoration to wedding cars for the formal wedding photography session. It is a traditional flower placement and vehicle decoration but these days it is done in place during the photo shoot to create the period charm. On the occasions the floral garland has been applied the florist has stayed on for the photo session after placing the venue flowers at the reception.

wedding car garland
A floral garland of Australian natives on a Jaguar bridal car

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