Wedding Car Combinations


Wedding car and limousine combos

Choosing a combination of vehicles is a balance of overall appearance, meeting the transport needs of your day and your budget. Belle Classic can help you with many variations of classic cars and limousines. We will even help coordinate transport for important guests before and after the reception if you require.

chrysler limo hire
Rolls Royce Cloud and Chrysler wedding limousines in the driveway loop at St Josephs Church

Several pictures below are provided as a starting point. Use your imagination to mix and match and create many variations.

If necessary, Belle Classic will work with other providers to help organise the look you want for your day.

The numbers of passengers indicated below for a wedding party includes the bride and groom. We recommend that you allow three seats as a minimum (a three person bench seat) for the bride and groom. The numbers below allow for a dedicated bridal car in most examples (the maximum in brackets is the total carrying capacity of the combination which will include the front seat beside the driver and a full capacity bridal car).

Price of wedding car and limousine hire

Budget estimates (BE) shown below give the price range for a typical 3 – hr wedding hire

For your convenience we have provided some budget estimates. The budget estimates (BE $) are rounded figures, approximated for a typical afternoon hire which ranges from three to four hours for the cars shown. Prices at the lower end of the range are typically for shorter or off-peak season hire while the upper end of the range will apply to 4 hr Saturday afternoon hire in peak wedding season. Package prices for multiple wedding car and limo combinations may vary depending upon chosen wedding date and locations involved.

Get us to custom quote your wedding for our best rates

What ever the hire times you require it is always best to get a custom quote for your wedding transport hire. We offer discounted rates for most Swan Valley and Perth city weddings, multiple car hires and extended wedding bookings of five or more hours.

2-4 passengers

Wedding party of four or just a bridal car

Any of our 4-7 passenger wedding cars or limousines will do nicely. It is also common for the larger 11 passenger Chrysler limousines to be used for a small wedding party or just the bride and groom. In the end it comes down to your personal preference and budget.

luxury wedding limousine
Rolls Royce Wraith limo (max 4 passengers) BE $650 – $850
Jaguar Mk5 convertible (max 4 passengers) BE $850
Jaguar Mk5 convertible (max 4 passengers) BE $490 – $780
classic wedding car
A Jaguar Mk9 sedan (max 4 passengers) BE $490 – $720

4 – 6 passengers

Wedding party of up to six

Any of our 7-passenger limousines are very comfortable for up to six passengers. A pair of classic wedding cars gives the option of a feature bridal car with the wedding party of four in the following car. As noted before, a Chrysler limo is also a popular option for a wedding party of up to six passengers.

vintage limousine
The REO SpeedWagon limo (max 7-8 passengers) BE $890 – $1090
jaguar wedding cars
A Jaguar Mk5 convertible and sedan (max 8 passengers) BE $1200 – $1490
jaguar limousine
Jaguar Mk5 limousine BE $890-$1090
luxury wedding limos
Rolls Royce Spirit limousine (max 7 passengers) BE $590 – $750

8 – 10 passengers

Wedding party of eight to ten

A Chrysler limousine is certainly the most economical option. If you have your heart set on a classic bridal car then choose a Jaguar or Rolls Royce with a small limousine or two classic cars for the wedding party if you budget allows.

limo hire
A Chrysler jet door limousine (max 11 passengers) BE $790 – $1190
wedding limo hire
Rolls Royce Wraith and Spirit limo (max 11 passengers) BE $1200 – $1590
Chrysler lambo door limousine (max 11 passengers) BE $1090
Chrysler lambo door limousine (max 11 passengers) BE $790 – $1090
classic wedding cars
A Jaguar Mk5 convertible and 2 Jaguar sedans (max 12 passengers) BE $1500 – $2100

10 – 12 passengers

Wedding party of twelve

A popular combination for a large wedding party is one of our feature bridal cars with a Chrysler limousine. Depending upon your budget you can also hire a collection of classic wedding cars as shown in the previous picture.

luxury limo service
A Jaguar Mk5 sedan and Chrysler jet door limo (max 15 passengers) BE $1300 – $1790
wedding limos
Rolls Royce Cloud and a Chrysler jet door limo (max 15 passengers) BE $1300 – 1790
wedding cars
Two Classic Jaguar Mk5s and a Rolls Royce limousine BE $1750 – $2100

12 – 14 passengers

Wedding party of twelve to fourteen

The more people in your wedding party the more creative you can be with mixing and matching transport options for your wedding party and family. The options below will help you to visualise various combinations at several Perth wedding venues. Having multiple cars allows for the pick-up of the groom’s party and the bridal party at different locations and for the set of vehicles to transport the entire wedding party to the feature photo locations before heading off to the reception.

classic wedding cars
A pair Jaguar sedans and Rolls Royce limo (max 15 passengers)BE $1750 – $2100
wedding limousines
A Rolls Royce limousine and Chrysler limousine Peak BE $1300 – $1990
wedding car service
A set of four classic cars (max 16 passengers) BE $2100 – 2800

16 – 20 or more passengers

Wedding party of sixteen to twenty plus

By now I imagine you have a good idea of the mix and match nature of our wedding transport options. Chrysler limousines are the work horse of larger wedding parties often with a feature bridal car in the lead. If you are on a tight budget and would like some alternate suggestions please ring and make use of our obligation free advise service.

16 passengers

classic wedding cars
A set of classic Jaguar and Rolls Royce wedding cars BE $2500 – $2900

20 passengers

chrysler limo service
A pair of white Chrysler limos (max 22 passengers) BE $1500 – 2000

22 passengers

wedding limousines
A jaguar bridal car and 2 Chrysler limos BE $2000 – $2500

Using an ‘all in one limousine’


An all in one limousine approach to wedding transport is usually the most economical option for the day. Operators of the latest gimmick limousine (Star Wars, Transformers, or Super Hero themed limos) may try to prove this point wrong, however you can hire very nice Chrysler limousines for great rates in Perth for up to eleven passengers.


The bride misses some special family time on the way to the ceremony. There is usually some very touching exchanges  between parents and daughter on the way to a ceremony in a bridal car that don’t occur with three or four bridesmaids dominating the conversation. Couple who use a bridal car after the ceremony often comment that the short time driving to photo locations and the reception was the only time in the day where they could talk to each other without several others butting in – this intimate time is also lost when everybody shares one limousine.

Using multiple wedding cars and limos


More flexibility to pick up the groom’s party and the bridal party from different locations in a timely manner. Also most couples who hire multiple cars enjoy the benefits of a separate bridal car before and after the ceremony as mentioned above. Vintage bridal cars also help to set the theme of your wedding and will feature in the wedding photography to a much greater degree than modern limousines.

If your budget allows for a bridal car and limousine for the wedding party you will enjoy the additional attention of the extra chauffeur on the day too, whose focus is primarily on the couple in the bridal car.


The only downside is the additional cost of multiple cars.