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Willow Pond

Willow Pond Reception Centre in Canning Vale caters for up to three wedding receptions at a time and is one of the larger function centres operating in the southern suburbs of Perth. The function rooms are large and practical for the weddings.

receptin venues
A lakeside wedding ceremony at Willow Pond

The gardens established around the lakes at the rear of the venue are spectacular. There are several locations suitable for a garden wedding ceremony for couples looking for an ‘all at one venue’ wedding and hundreds of nooks for creative wedding photography. It is always exciting to see the guest’s reaction when the bride arrives in the wedding limousines cruising onto the lawns around the lakes.

classic wedding cars
Arriving at Willow Pond for the ceremony

The front of the complex has a large car park for guests which can become quite congested when multiple weddings are underway at the same time, especially if they all depart at around the same time in the evening.

jaguar mk5 bridal car
An end of night get-away from Willow Pond car park

Wedding limo access

The venue is easy to access for all styles of wedding transport although smaller classic wedding cars and limousines will find it easier to negotiate the car park than larger Chrysler and Hummer stretch limos.

Access to the gardens for wedding ceremonies held at the rear of the garden is via a track along the boundary of the property. The classic wedding cars can handle this with ease and can deliver you to the location of your ceremony. It is best to check with the management at Willow Pond whether they are happy for heavier Hummer limousines to access the location you have in mind for your ceremony and then arrange for the driver to be cleared to drive into the grounds.

wedding limos
Wedding limos in the rear lawn ay Willow Pond

Turning around in the car park can be a challenge for longer stretch limos when the car park is full of guest’s cars. It is useful to have somebody coordinate and reserve a suitable parking spot for your limousines while the ceremony is underway.

willow pond wedding
Wedding photographs in the beautiful gardens

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Parking at Willow Pond

Willow Pond has a large car park for guests at the front of the complex. Whilst it seems sufficient for a large party of wedding guests, remember that it will usually be hosting more than one wedding on busy nights. There is limited nearby parking if the venue car park is full.

It is important to remind your guests not to park outside the designated parking bays and especially not to block access to the rear of the property. Guests arrive before the bride and it is a very frustrating delay trying to find the owner of a car who has blocked access to the rear garden so that the bride can be delivered to the ceremony. It is a good idea to assign a family member or friend to monitor parking of guests at the venue and ensure that your set down location is accessible for your arrival. Remember there will be guests from other weddings and the restaurant there at your ceremony time and they will not know what your plans are for the afternoon.

End of night chauffeur service

We recommend that as a minimum you always pre-order the end of night get-away car for the bride and groom. Consider also booking a limousine or chauffeur cars for important guests such as parents and grand parents.

Whilst the surge in availability of short call options such as taxis and Uber cars is significant remember that on Friday and Saturday nights (especially in peak wedding season) forty to fifty weddings may be finishing between 11.30pm and midnight along with hotels closing as well various entertainment venues. Short call service cars tend to accumulate in areas of high demand such as Perth city and the Crown Casino and it is likely that very few will be cruising around Canningvale near midnight. If two or three weddings finish in close proximity to each other your guests may be waiting for quite a while if they rely on ordering a taxi or Uber chauffeur car close to midnight.

Wedding limos at Willow Pond

Willow Pond is a popular wedding reception centre in the southern suburbs. It has three reception / function rooms all accessed from the same entry point to the left of the driveway entrance off Nicholson Road in Canningvale. There is also a restaurant with an entrance more to the right of the building.

Ceremony locations

Groom transfers normally drop off in the car park at the front of the building with the groom’s party having time to wander to the ceremony location and possibly check in with the reception staff upon arrival.

Bridal transfers usually dropp-off at the ceremony location. Establish with the bride exactly where the ceremony is to be held and deliver her to her preferred entry location.

Lakeside garden next to the reception centre

The drop off point for the reception centre lakeside is at the picket fence visible as you drive around the left hand side of the building after entering the driveway. Occasionally the ceremony location may be further along the lawn and you may be asked to drive across the lawn closer to the service.

Lakeside at the rear of the property

Access to the rear of the property is via the track that skirts the left hand side of the property. Drive to the left of the building and follow the driveway past the picket fence and along the boundary fence to the rear of the property. There are several possible ceremony locations used by couples so follow advice from the bride as to her preferred drop-off to enter the ceremony.

Lakeside on the restaurant lawn

The restaurant lawn is accessed from the right hand side of the building (between the maintenance shed and the restaurant.

On-site wedding photography

Any of the above location are often used for feature wedding photography utilising the wedding cars. Position the cars as requested being mindful of not interrupting other ceremonies which may be in progress.

End of night transfers

Couples are always collected for end of night transfers from the car park near the main entrance. Be mindful that there maybe three weddings at the venue all finishing around the same time and possibly heading to the same wedding night hotel. Always confirm you have the correct couple and destination because they often have little idea which style of chauffeur car they booked by the end of the reception.

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Willow Pond Contact Information

A   459 Nicholson Road Canning Vale

T   (08) 9455 1187

I   Willow Pond Reception Centre

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