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Harris Organic Wines

Harris Organic Wines is a small vineyard specialising (as the name says) in organic wine making. To be a certified organic producer is quite an accomplishment both in practice and patience. Many of the modern practices are much simpler to effect in regards to wine production and pest control.

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Make sure you brave the chili wine when tasting at Harris

The quaint tasting room is part of an old house on the property and is definitely geared for small groups interested in organic produce rather than attracting bus loads of merry-makers. Staff are friendly and informative.

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Harris Organic Winery is an interesting visit for like minded small groups

The organic wines are well made with some interesting varieties bottle. My favourite is the chilli wine originally made for the Fremantle Chilli Festival. If you value organic produce add Harris Organic Wines to your wine tour schedule for something a little bit different.

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Harris Organic Wine selection

Wine tour limo access to Harris Organic Wines

As  noted previously Harris Organic is not planning on having bus loads of touristy wine tours. The drive through and loop around the tree is fine for smaller cars and a three point turn in a small Rolls Royce limousine. Larger Chrysler limos will need to drop you at the road verge for a leisurely stroll to the tasting room or reverse down the driveway if you prefer to be dropped at the entry.

Inquire about a Swan Valley wine tour with Belle Classic Limousines

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The tasting room is a quaint room from the old cottage

Harris Organic Wines contact information

T   (08) 9296 0216

A  179 Memorial Avenue Baskerville

W   Harris Organic Wine